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  1. I really used to enjoy video games when I was younger, including text-based adventures like the old Infocom games, Final Fantasy and so on.   I don't play any video games these days because I'm worried I would never get anything else done!  My brother is addicted to World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs


    My pdoc says video games are the depression medication of choice for young males.  


    Video games have always been a form of escapism it seems. I had a friend who would play World of warcraft for days straight at time. For me I never did get into that game. I never liked the fact it required a payed membership.

  2. Hey Epictetus,


    Sim City sounds fun, have you ever just played older games and enjoyed the music in them, some really good composing in many. Yes lots of breathtaking art in the games I agree. I like finding funky music from older and obscure video games to listen to. It really can cheer me up at times. I play pretty much any type of games on the PC. Beat Metro2033 about a month ago it was very scary and challenging. I do enjoy playing older games like the PS1 and some classic games rayman, and final fantasy. although I've never beat a final fantasy game they are too much for me to get into and finish. but very beautiful storylines.



  3. I feel very different almost like I'm invisible and unoticed and that no one understands who I really am. I feel my persona on the internet is much bigger than in real life. The internet in alot of ways is my alter ego. That person who is the better version of myself. I'm a biracial person mixed black white with a swedish sounding last name. I have been told I look like I'm Italian. This can be a cause of great strife for me because I just want to be accepted for who I am. Not what others make up for me. I'm thankful for this website and hope to become a productive member.

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