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  1. I feel as though everything i have ever know or thought was important has been wrong. I feel no connection to family or to any person. As long as i can remember i have felt extreemly intimidated in social situations. I have had close friends and feel comfortable around them but when another person or persons is added i feel like a completly different person. All my relationships with women have been me hiding behind the idea i set in there mind that im a nice person untill they finally realize that im not. I cheat and i lie. I use drugs and alcohol to communicate to peers and women. I will avoid social interaction if i am not high or drunk because i always feel as though i have nothing or value to say. I feel i look or sound completly disgusting dispite the compliments i get on my looks or when i am high or drunk how funny i am and charming to women. But honestly its like i am two different people. I need professional help. I was just wondering if anyone out there has felt close to how i feel and has got professional help and had results?
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