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  1. That's weird. I feel the worst at night. The day brings me relief.
  2. ok, well you probably can but I'm not sure on that. Well, you sound a lot like me but I wasn't home schooled. I'm also a guy. Like almost everything you said, are things that I'm also saying. (well, I'll be in live chat for a couple hours probably so if you change your mind or if anyone else wants to talk...)
  3. I wouldn't do it. That feeling will be temporary but it won't last. And if you get addicted to it, you will turn a very dark brown or black, I've seen it happen before. And you will look much older than you really are. And besides, I don't think it even looks good. You know that when you tan that is basically skin damage? You are harming your skin when you do that. My suggestion would be to improve your life somehow. Get rid of things that you are doing that aren't helping you in a positive way...and that might be people or things, whatever.
  4. I am in LIVE CHAT if you want to talk. (the button at the top of the page)
  5. Well, I'm going to give you my nutty advice. I've recently had something happened to me and I found that the solution is to live a more sin-free lifestyle. I'm trying to cut out all negative influences from my life. I too am getting older. I'm a guy and I began losing my hair this year. It was devastating when I found out. Cutting out negative influences could mean cutting out some people from your life who are damaging your mental well being.
  6. That sounds a little like me. I think we are both type A personalities. We tend to have very high standards for ourselves. We are over-achievers. (or try to be).
  7. Hi. That's horrible. I've never been in therapy but I can imagine there are problems in doing that. I mostly call my family for help. Or I come on internet forums and talk.
  8. I just cleaned my stove. Going to go on a bike ride later.
  9. yeah just slow down. I think it won't matter much in the long run if you drop one or two classes. As long as you keep sight on your goal.
  10. he believes that he always has to be perfect. He never likes to ask for help, either. He's so stubborn that he's had a broken back window in his car for the last 2 years and even though I've offered to help him fix it about 5 times, he never accepts the help. And to this day, there is still a window missing on it.
  11. I'm in live chat if anyone wants to talk LIVE.
  12. maybe. Do you have a movie recommendation?
  13. I got in another argument with my brother today. I got pretty angry at him and yelled at him in a public place. No one was around but it was on a street with houses around. I probably could have handled it better. Here is what happened. I was supposed to find 6 different streets in 2 different areas. He gave me a "map". On the map was two 1 inch circles depicting the general area that I was supposed to go to. There was no indications of which streets were in which area. There were two circles at different parts of the "map" but no indication if there 4 streets in area 1 or 2 streets in area 1. Hope you get what I'm saying. I didn't know which streets went to which area and also like I said, there were no street names on the map at all. Well, so we split up and by just chance, I ran into him in area 1 and said, "I can't find any of these streets". I said, "there's no names on the map at all". He said, "calm down....calm down". Well, that makes me even more angry. I said, "don't tell me to calm down". I said, "you gave me a 'map' with no street names on it...this isn't a map at all". Well, after fighting about it, I eventually got the work done on my own (he was no help at all). So later on tonight, I call him to apologize for yelling at him and am hoping he will apologize for giving me that ridiculous map. He did not apologize. I still have no idea what he expected me to do with that piece of paper. He could have at least told me, "hey, you are on your own with finding the streets" but he said nothing. He just handed me the map and said, these are the areas. Can someone give an unbiased opinion on who is right? I'm working underneath my brother and my brother pays me so I am kind of his employee. (if that helps your decision).
  14. I feel horrible right now. I need something to do. I'll try to clean my house I guess.
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