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  1. Thank you for your answer. Yes, having no quest is the problem. In our world now, we feel so much powerless. Are there any ideas fighting for? Sure, Sometimes I regret the faxt that I became an agnostic after having faith most of my life. But I can't help it, I'm too logical for having beliefs... I will try to join you in the chat this week end. It depends if the time of course as i'm in a different time zone
  2. This is my first post. Do forgive me if I err in any way. If it is in the wrong forum, please redirect this post. In 2012, I tried to **** myself. I was very badly addicted to alcohol, having a burn out, and overdebts. I spent 4.5 months (in 3 sessions) in a psychiatric hospital for rehabs. My depression is definitely not over, even if I feel much better thanks to the treatment. But let's get to the point. I have problems coping with the fact that I attempted suicide. That I ended there. It's not a guilty feeling. It has nothing to do with religion. It's more why am I alive. For what purpose. Ok, I take care of my mum (89 years old and cognitive problems ) but she would have support even if I was not there. I have no wife no children, no real passion, so why should I keep fighting. It's not in anyway a suicidal feeling. It's more of a feeling of emptiness. Your views would be welcome. Pierre
  3. New to this forum, I have been fignting with depression for years. 2012 was a very ended with a very bad addiction, burn-out. I'm still fighting depression but not the addiction. (sobre for more tha 2,5 years.) With the help of very good doctors. Bit it's harf though. Oh, BTW I'm French living in Paris. sorry, Nobody is perfect... :verysad3:
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