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  1. I am not sure anyone could escape so much trauma with out depression. I currently work with kids who have stories very similar to yours, its just not right that any child should have to endure so much.
  2. I don't fear living with it, I have had it so long its just became normal to feel depression. I do admit though that I have given up on living what most other people would call a normal life, pursuing a family, higher education, promotions at work and so on because the stress is just too much for me. I can handle my depression when I just live a simple life. So basically in order to survive I have had to rearrange everything in my life to accommodate this illness and to keep it at manageable levels. It may sound pathetic to do such a thing, but all in all I have managed to find peace and contentment in doing so.
  3. When do you first recall noticing the onset of depression? I can think back to being 7 or 8 and often feeling extremely depressed and sometimes even suicidal, I am now 42 and find it so strange to think of being so young and feeling that way.
  4. Solar flares from sun spots occasionally effect the earths magnetic field and it has been proven that disruptions in the magnetic field can effect the circadian rhythm in people which depression, anxiety or bi polar disorder.
  5. Have any of you experienced frustration in trying to describe what depression feels like to someone who has never experienced clinical depression? In my experience it appears many people confuse situation sadness with depression, and although sadness may accompany depression it is far more than that. I often hear "what is there to be depressed about" as if I can think my way out of it, my reply is" well nothing really", but that's the problem. Clinical depression is really a disease of perception, it is a disease that attacks motivations, vitality, a sense of purpose and meaning, it is a numbness akin to being in a candy shop with no taste buds and trying to find a reason to stay. When someone is diagnosed with dementia no one questions why they struggle with memory issues, but with depression they question why you feel sad.
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