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  1. hello and welcome to the forum, Tabby! feeling strange is a common side-effect of antidepressants. i've had that weird feeling on both zoloft and lexapro. read up on depersonalization and derealization to see if the description fits your feelings. if not, then it's most likely the standard feeling of weirdness. it will certainly go away after a few weeks, or even days. i hope the wellbutrin works out for you!
  2. the doctor you've been to is a psychiatrist. they prescribe drugs (antidepressants) that are effective only when you have moderate to severe depression, and you usually don't start feeling better until after 3 or 4 weeks of taking those. what you need is a psychotherapist - a professional who is trained to help you talk through your problems and help you solve your problems using the knowledge of the way our brains function. in other words, it's a person to whom you can confide. also, i don't know how tall you are, but 36kg for a person about to enter college is very unhealthy. maybe you should see a doctor about that too.
  3. Hello Sonalie, welcome to the forum! first of all, i think you should learn some relaxation techniques, for example deep breathing. it's also called diaphragmatic breathing and you can google those phrases in order to found out more (i would post links but links are forbidden on this forum). next up, you should find a reliable person to whom you can confide and talk about the things that are causing you stress. ideally, this should be a psychotherapist. you can also write anything you want on this forum if it will make you feel better. finally, remember that you are very young and while it is important to prepare for your university entrance exams, it is not worth ruining your health because of it. after fighting depression for 2 years, i've realised that health is the most important thing and nothing is worth ruining my health. college is only the beginning of your education and life. if you don't manage to enroll at the college you wish to, you can always try next year. take care!
  4. hi Joe, welcome to the forum! what medication are you on right now? i've been on 10mg Lexapro and 15mg Seroquel (i started at 50mg) for a year now, but i'm trying to go off the meds completely. are you seeing a therapist? feel welcome to share your story here! take care
  5. i liked the previous version better. it was easy to keep track of topics you've posted in. now i can't seem to figure out how to do that. however, i like that now you can see how many people are in the chatroom. also, i'd like to thank the administrators and webmasters who are keeping this great site going!
  6. hello Realreason, i'm sorry you feel this way. i've experienced depersonalization a lot of times and sometimes i find it more terrifying than depression. other times i just feel weird in a way that's really hard to explain. i think that this dissociation and weirdness is definitely linked to stress and anxiety. maybe it will get better if you try to relax and reduce your stress levels. i realize that's not very easy to do but i hope you can do it.
  7. hello and welcome to the forum! you certainly belong here, as does everyone who could use support. i'm sure most of us have experienced the things you mention: anxiety, insomnia, emotional numbness, feeling alone in the world, anhedonia, unwanted repetitive thoughts, feeling of being separated from your identity and feelings (depresonalization and derealization). i know i certainly have. it would be good if you provided some backstory, what led up to this event. maybe some stress or trauma? talking to a therapist may help you, maybe something has been causing more stress than you thought. does your family have a history of mental illness?
  8. i think it's possible to recover completely. depression is like a crash course in life - i've learned more about life and myself in the two years i've been depressed than in 20 years before that. when you hit the bottom, you learn a lot of useful skills and mechanisms to cope - you're forced to learn this stuff because otherwise depression kills you. for example, i've learned about deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and such. i've learned that excercise and eating healthy food and drinking enough water is more important than i thought. i realised that gratefulness is the key to happiness and that you have to train it like you would train a muscle, until you rewire your brain and being grateful becomes your deafult state of mind. i've learned a lot of other things so i'd like to think that when i beat this thing and get off the meds i will be better prepared for life.
  9. whoa i just discovered this topic! i love videogames!! apart from playing drums, it's the one activity that always makes me feel better. i'm buying a new laptop soon so i'll be able to play all the games i've missed in the last 5 years. i'm super-excited! lately i've been playing a lot of Nuclear Throne - it's a rougelite shooter with a beautiful 8bit art style. i couldn't recommend it enough!
  10. hello gbrown, as i said earlier in your other topic, it's entirely possible that your tiredness is due to your depression and anxiety. being under stress and depressed and anxious for 5 years would tire anyone out. i've had the same problem, and i've also thought that i had CFS. i've done all the tests, visited many doctors, and everyone said i was physically. finally, i started taking antidepressants and going into therapy and now i'm doing much better. the main thing for you to do now is stop worrying about this, because it generates more anxiety, and you end up in a vicious cycle (tiredness triggers anxiety, which triggers tiredness). you can do this by making a deal with yourself. you can decide to try relaxation techniques for a month. if you don't feel better by the end of the month, you can try something else. but during this month don't google your condition or even think about it. for example, if you catch yourself thinking about it, say "stop" out loud and think about something else. there are many techniques to counter obsessive thinking, and also mindfulness meditation can help you with this. also, try fighting this one day at a time. plan your day ahead and make a list. you'll feel better when you accomplish something and these small tasks will slowly start adding up. take care
  11. Hi Paul, no worries, you can respond whenever :) mindfulness meditation will help you with this! i'd recommend you an app called Headspace - it has guided mindfulness meditations for every day. everything is explained through these daily meditations, you don't have to know anything about mindfulness. it's great! i've been taking 10mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) for about 10 months. after a few months of taking Lexapro, my doctor prescribed me 50mg of Seroquel because i've had really terrifying insomnia combined with anxiety and panic attacks in the middle of the night. ever since then i've slept well, so i've started decreasing my dose and soon i will stop taking it. i've been doing better with my depression and anxiety, so i'm going to quit Lexapro too in the near future. i think Lexapro helped me with my anxiety and depression but it's really hard to tell because the improvement is gradual; it's not like you wake up one day without depression. also, i've been doing therapy and yoga and i've tried to improve my life otherwise so there were a lot of factors to my recovery.
  12. yes, this is completely normal. i sometimes felt extremely weird on escitalopram (and other ADs) even without the alcohol. it's probably just anxiety or depersonalization combined with a mild hangover. in any case, general weirdness is a usual side effect of antidepressants. it should get better soon. drink a lot of water, it should be fine when you cure the hangover.
  13. SSRI meds have been around for at least 30 years, if Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction affected that many people, it would surely be better known and nobody would use them anymore. i'm not going to tell you to relax because i know how important this is, being a man myself. but at least try to minimize your stress about this so it doesn't make your depression/anxiety even worse.
  14. hello and welcome to the forum :) sorry to hear you're having a bad time i hope you get better soon
  15. hello zon, from what i've gathered, Zoloft is notorious for this particular side-effect, even my doctor had told me about this. i don't know about others, but lexapro has worked great for me because it didn't affect my sex life. mabe you should stick with it, you've only been taking it for two weeks - most side-effects should stop after about three weeks or thereabouts. if it persists, try switching meds. everyone reacts to antidepressants differently so you may have to try a few to see which one works for you. in any case, don't quit cold turkey and consult your doctor before you make the decision take care
  16. hello and welcome to the forum! i can relate to what you're saying about being low but not at my lowest - and being grateful for it. i would also like to use my experience to help others! for now i'm trying to do so on this forum but hopefully i'll be able to help more people in more meaningful ways in the future. take care
  17. i can relate to this because that's how i felt two years ago when i first started experiencing exhaustion. it's just a vicious cycle. do you have a psychotherapist? it's entirely possible that you're exhausted due to stress/anxiety/depression. i've had a lot of trips to the hospital until i finally accepted this. now i'm on meds and in therapy and i'm doing much better. i hope you get better, too
  18. yes, i think Lorazepam is an anxiolytic, which means it will start working immediately, unlike antidepressants, which start working after about three weeks. i know how it feels to be anxious about your anti-anxiety drugs. it's a vicious cycle, so i'd strongly suggest you just give it a try and decide not to think too much about it. you can decide to try taking those pills for a week or two, that couldn't possibly do you much harm if you follow your doctor's advice. the idea of going through the notions is familiar to most people who think a lot about life, but especially for people who have mental disorders or are otherwise having a rough time. just keep in mind that it's mostly the depression talking i hope you get better soon
  19. hello hopeful, i'm sorry you've had such a bad year! it's good that you are on meds, i hope they work out for you! do you have a therapist? i'm sorry i can't give you any specific advice
  20. hello paul, welcome to the forum! side-effects can be a b*tch, but your doctor can prescribe you some anxiolytics that kick in immediately. they should help you get through the rough days and you can use them along with your antidepressant other than that, have you tried some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, guided meditations, yoga? maybe try sweating it out? i don't know, those often work for me. however, this is all "normal" and it should get much better in a few weeks or even days! anyway, seems like you got a lot on your plate, have you thought of seeing a therapist? take care, V.
  21. hi dude! i've had the same problem. two years ago i became so exhausted that i couldn't attend my classes at college. after a lot of tests and doctor's appointments i realized that it was due to a combination of physical and mental factors (mostly mental, though). i'd advise you to rule out physical diseases first. get your blood tested, check your thyroid levels, test for epstein-barr to rule out mononucleosis. after that, you should probably see a therapist. maybe you don't even realize how much stress you're under. maybe some thoughts/people/events are draining you more than you gave them credit for. anyway, talking to a therapist will help you figure these things out. make sure you follow all that boring advice you can find everywhere: eat healthy food, excercise regularly, get enough sleep, drink enough water, get some fresh air, and so on. i managed to minimize my tiredness, i'd say it's due to a combination of meds, theraphy, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and some positive thoughts from time to time
  22. hello Saliency. first of all, you said "I guess I should have moved out earlier." like it was your fault that he hit you. WELL IT ISN'T. you should not live in fear. verbal abuse is also abuse. if you have a chance, maybe it would be better to move away. in any case, i'd strongly recommend talking to a professional (a counselor or therapist) before making your decision. also maybe your mom. see if there's an organization for abuse victims in your vicinity. explore your options. arm yourself with knowledge and external support. most importantly, believe in yourself. take care and don't let your abusers bring you down!
  23. hello Louis, you definitely shouldn't overdose tomorrow or any other day. it would be foolish to make such a drastic decision impulsively. you're probably overwhelmed by strong emotions right now but it won't last forever. you've come to the right place, this forum is full of great and caring people who can understand you. have you tried seeing a therapist?
  24. i started responding to another topic but realized that i could use some answers too it's hard for me to realize why is the world so full of hate. there are so many things in the world that could be easily fixed but it's just not happening. for example, we have the technological means and enough resources to feed every hungry person on the planet and yet every day people are dying from hunger. we can all agree that nobody should be hungry and yet, nothing is happening. also, i don't understand the concept of war. how are people ******** enough to think that ******ing innocent people will change anything except create more hateful people? holy . i can't understand how these moronic things like war, racism, homophobia and sexism still exist after millions of years of human evolution. i realize that depression makes you see only the bad stuff but honestly how can you tell me that a world in which 62 richest people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world's population is not a terrifyingly dystopian place? (that statistic is actually correct, just google "oxfam") which brings me to my second point in this unstructured rant: how many people are depressed as a direct result of capitalism? how many times a day do you worry about paying your rent, being unemployed, not being able to afford college or medicine - you just wouldn't have to worry about those things if we lived in a world governed by reason, and not by greed.
  25. hi kilroy, for how long have you been in therapy? if you've just started, i suggest you give it a go before taking meds. i would offer the same advice to most people: don't go on meds before you've tried everything else. that's not to say that antidepressants are a bad thing - i've been taking 10mg of lexapro every day since easter and i'm doing much better. i'm just saying that people should definitely try psychotherapy and everything else before taking meds. also, i suppose you've googled the hell out of those prescription drugs - the side-effects are not that bad, and generally shouldn't last for more than a couple of weeks (and they will definitely not make you asexual) also, unless there's been a giant misunderstanding between you and that psychiatrist, he's a jerk and should be fired.
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