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  1. hi gandolfication, that's a great idea, and one that i have definitely been thinking about. i'm also a news/information junkie and i waste too much time on the internet. i'll try to fix that in 2017. there's a book called The Information Diet that deals with this problem. i haven't read it yet but it's on my list.
  2. hi Jen, the first one that comes to mind is Float On by Modest Mouse.
  3. i'm not even from the same continent and i still routinely get angry when i remember that a twitter troll and reality show host is leading the nation that has the strongest military power in the world. just typing that sentence is bizarre. this shouldn't be real. and he even lost by 2 million votes. that's just wrong. regarding healthcare, i live in a second-world country that most people wouldn't be able to find on a map and even we have free (socialized) healthcare.
  4. hi Ashley, it's great that you're in therapy, i hope it works out for you! :)
  5. i love playing RPGs but i've heard tyranny is very story-heavy, would you say that it has enough combat/action? i recently completed Dishonored, which was really great, so now i've started playing Owlboy. i like the music and art style very much.
  6. hi Nimico, it's good to hear that your withdrawal went well and that your sleep problems are gone! I intend to taper off Lexapro in February, i hope it will go smoothly
  7. hi @Llama, i've been using Daylio for about two months every day since you recommended it and it's great! thank you very much for the recommendation :D
  8. hi gandolfication, thank you for sharing your list! here are the things that helped me beat depression: - finding a good therapist - meds (i'm taking 10mg of lexapro and i intend to taper off in the next few months) - listening to podcasts (especially podcasts on depression like Wrestling With Depression and Mental Illness Happy Hour) - keeping a journal - planning my day ahead - organizing my life (using Evernote) - practicing gratitude (trying to write down things i'm grateful for every day) - improving my diet - subscribing to inspirational subreddits like r/getmotivated - listening to relaxing sounds and guided meditations - regaining self-confidence - reading self-improvement books such as Getting Things Done - tracking my mood and stressors using an app called Daylio - having a morning routine that consists of getting out of bed on time, drinking a glass of water, making my bed, practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation (yoga and meditation were essential) i probably forgot to mention everything in this post, feel free to PM me
  9. no problem, i'm glad that i can help. Seroquel didn't make me feel any different. i think it made me kinda sleepy in the morning but it's not like i was super refreshed while i had insomnia. but there are no weird feelings or changes in consciousness, at least not at the dose of 25mg, which i took. i think i've gained some weight in that period while on seroquel, but it could have been due to lexapro, my unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity. it was probably a combination of all those factors. i haven't been on mirtazapine, only lexapro. seroquel is not like an antidepressant which you have to take for 4 weeks until you find out if it works for you; you can literally take it for three nights and find out if it works. the side effects are minimal and it's not addictive. obviously i'm not a doctor but i'd say give it a shot, at least for a few days. take care! i hope your appointment goes well. EDIT: i'm sorry, i mixed up the types of insomnia, i actually had sleep-maintenance insomnia, i didn't have too much problems with sleep onset. however, maybe seroquel also helps with sleep onset, please ask your doctor.
  10. hi Nimico, welcome to the forum! i had sleep-onset insomnia while i was taking lexapro (which i still am) and taking 25mg of Seroquel before sleep fixed it. it's not addictive. take care!
  11. welcome to the forum, guys (or gal)! congrats for seeking professional help @yin_vs_yang, that's the way to go! @Transforming Stigma, are you also in therapy?
  12. hi hoho2701, here is all of the advice that i gathered on the internet for getting out of bed: - print positive messages and tape them above your bed so as soon you wake up, you're greeted by some inspirational thoughts - Write a to-do list for the next day (you must have a good reason to get up) - Keep your curtains open, get a lot of light in the room - Pick out clothes for the next day in advance so you don't have to think about that in the morning - Shut down all electronics at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. - read a book before sleep - Plan a reward for yourself for getting up at the right time a certain number of days in a row. - Get a calendar. For every day you get up on time, cross off a day. After a few days, you'll have a chain going. - Think positive affirmations “I want to get up, I want to get up, I'm no longer tired." - Go to sleep at the same time everyday - break it down into small actions - first open eyes, then pull the covers slowly, finally sit up - Turn on a podcast or some music when the alarm goes - install an app that engages your mental faculties (e.g. you have to solve a simple math problem to deactivate alarm) - take a shower as soon as possible after getting up - take a swig of mouthwash before you get to the alarm so you have to go to the bathroom to spit it out. - Fill up an empty squirt bottle with water, so you can spray your face in the morning. - poke one leg out from the covers and touch it to the floor - practice good sleep hygiene - use your bed only for sleep and sex, don't use it for anything else there are apps for alarms which track your sleep and wake you up when you're at the end of your sleep cycle. i usually use a web site called sleepytime to calculate when i should wake up (a complete sleep cycle lasts 1.5 hours, you'll feel really bad if you wake up in the middle of it). i always put my phone away so i have to get up to silence the alarm. sometimes i get back to bed as soon as i do it, but it's easier to get up for real once you've already had to stand up. after i get up to turn off the alarm, i go to the bathroom, splash water in my face, drink some water, pee, turn on some relaxing music and start doing some light streching and yoga.
  13. hi irah! what kind of music are you into? lately, this song always picks up my mood: *link removed* other than that, here are some of my old favorites. this is possibly the most relaxing piece of music i've ever heard: *link removed* this is a beautiful 8bit soundtrack from a beautiful game which i would wholeheartedly recommend: *link removed*
  14. today i'm grateful that my visit to the dentist was painless. also, i'm grateful to live in a country where healthcare is free so i didn't have to pay for it.
  15. you're welcome :) i haven't yet started listening to Joe Rogan's podcasts but i've listened to his interview with Marc Maron and he sounds like a really interesting guy. i've also listened to some short inspirational clips on youtube taken from his podcast. which episode would you recommend as a starting point? preferably an episode focused on self-growth, self-improvement, discipline, productivity and similar topics.
  16. i'm glad you liked it! maybe you (and others) will enjoy this orchestral rendering of his finest composition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbs_WSIFbHE i find it incredibly soothing.
  17. hi HonestWill, and welcome to the forum! you're already doing all those great things to take control of life and you should be proud of that! therapy, meds and meditation are all great tools for fighting mental illness. we are kinda similar - i'm a college student currently pursuing my MA, on 10mg lexapro, in talk therapy, practicing mindfulness with headspace. this is what i would recommend you: 1. practice gratefulness. keep a journal, and write three things that you're grateful for every day. make them reflect your personal qualities and achievements, like "today i'm grateful that i found the willpower to go out and exercise. today i'm grateful that i went to work and earned some money." 2. write some of your positive qualities, things you're proud of. try to write them every day and read them when you're feeling down. 3. find a support group/community. this forum is a great place. there are also some good subreddits like r/depression, r/GetMotivated, r/EOOD, and so on. try to develop a meaningful relationship with some of the people you like the most in your life. try to make a conscious decision to go out and socialize at least once per week. 4. i often rely on podcasts to elevate my mood or give me inspiration/motivation or make me feel like i'm in good company. these are some of my favorites: Wrestling With Depression, On Being, Mental Illness Happy Hour, *** with Marc Maron, Partially Examined Life, The Ricky Gervais Guide To, Comedy Bang Bang, You Are Not So Smart,... these are all great and make me feel less alone on days when i'm lonely but too depressed/tired/lazy to socialize (i'm mostly introverted). 5. download a mood tracking app called Daylio. it allows you to log your mood every day. you can write notes explaining why you're feeling like that so it's easy for you to determine what things take a toll on your mood. it also shows you graphs so you can measure your mood fluctuations and get a better perspective on what makes you feel the way you do. that's it for now, i'll write more if i remember something else! feel free to send me a PM anytime :)
  18. hey, i'm also into that kind of ambiental! have you listened to William Basinski, Stars of the Lid, or Grouper? i'm into all sorts of music. i also enjoy playing instruments, mostly drums and guitar but also whatever else i come across. i can't define my favorite band, or even genre, but here are some artists that first pop to my mind: Bob Dylan, Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Cap'n Jazz, Destroyer, Jawbreaker, Modest Mouse, Swearin', Creedence Clearwater Revival, Xiu Xiu, The Weakerthans, Sufjan Stevens, Future of the Left, Burial, Protomartyr, The National, Soundgarden, Yo La Tengo,... ahhh there are too many to mention them all! :DD
  19. why don't you play anymore? i don't think i'm very strong yet. there are a lot of amazingly badass female drummers, here are some great examples. they appear to have normal, beautiful, feminine physique and yet they play better than most male drummers. so yeah, everyone can and should do it :)) slightly more on topic, today i walked my friend's dog and practiced some yoga ^^
  20. they don't get sore at all. you don't have to hit the drums very hard since they are really loud on their own. there are different styles of playing and some require more endurance than others (punk for example requires a lot of stamina) but most of the time you're not really pounding on the drums although it might seem that way sometimes. studies have shown that professional drummers' stamina is comparable to that of professional athletes. also it has therapeutic and emotional benefits. i would recommend everyone to try playing drums or any other instrument. it's creatively fulfilling and playing music with people and friends is an amazing and fun experience!
  21. today i played drums for about an hour (band rehearsal). studies say that playing drums is a good exercise and i agree wholeheartedly!
  22. i'm currently reading Beloved by Toni Morisson for a college course on the contemporary American novel. the book is great, i like it very much. i have so many books on my reading list. sometimes the fact that i have so many great books to look forward to in the future fills me with excitement and inspiration. the same goes for video games, music and movies.
  23. i've been playing a lot of Divinity: Original Sin on my laptop lately. it's a great game and i'd recommend it for all fans of the RPG genre. however i'm trying to limit my gaming to one hour daily (two hours on weekends) so i can pursue other, more productive activities.
  24. today i've practiced yoga and went for a walk. i try to practice yoga every morning and take a walk on days when i'm not very active. even a short walk can help you clear your mind and make you feel better. soon i'm planning to start jogging again. how about you guys? any excercise lately?
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