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  1. Hi guys I just thought I would let you know that we have a discord server dedicated to anhedonia, where we discuss various treatment strategies and offer support. (message for link) Do you guys remember the forum member jaiho, who used to post here? He is the admin. Just thought i'd let you guys know!
  2. Would you please take our survey? We need more people to participate becasue a very relevant party has already taken an interest in its outcome. This is a glorious opportunity which we can not afford to waste and the data is already very interesting. We hope it will change psychiatry's attitude on medication induced anhedonia. We also want to make it clear that the current crop of meds are not fit for purpose in treating this illness. So however you got anhedonia/emotional numbing, please participate and help the community. We need as many of you as possible. So share it with every anhedonic across the land. Thanks https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KQPXnrDeaoRPg9hsX_jsty7C6_KaOSC82MKyhKPUbWc/edit?fbclid=IwAR08Dx7rh8-N2L0oypUVTjsB1KiASw4KsygTIVchDKYAW14s6dZAYZJ6WpA
  3. I am 21 and so desperately afraid I will never recover from this awful ,inhuman state of mind. I am wasting my youth and watching life pass me by, unable to engage in the world or feel its warmth. I literally do nothing but sit in my room on my laptop all day looking up ways I can cure myself. I have no desire to do anything, be it playing video games, reading, listening to music, watching TV or anything else I used to enjoy such as meeting friends. I can't even make myself go outside now, I just want nothing but to fall asleep and never wake up, it's like my life has finished and I am waiting to die. My psychiatrist doesn't understand and refuses to accept that it was the Prozac that did this to me, even offering me more SSRI'S which I strongly rejected. Now he has put me on amitriptyline and quetiapine , the latter of which I have discovered can make you even more numb, anhedonic and zombie-like. I just don't understand how this isn't more recognised and why so little is known about this terrifying and lifeless condition. Are the only things capable of giving you feelings really illegal substances? Must I go down that route now to feel anything? I have heard of Nsi-189, and to be fair, it sounds wonderful. Sadly I can't find anywhere online that sells it, and being in the UK makes things even more difficult. I have tried tianeptine at 50 mg, wellbutrin at 450mg , and vyvanse at 80 mg, but they have all had no effect on my emotions whatsoever. I try to explain it to my parents but they just think I am lazy and tell me they don't enjoy life but just get on with it and I should too. No one around me has any understanding whatsoever, I just feel unable to care about a single thing anymore and I certainly don't feel human. Nothing I used to enjoy gives me any sort of pleasure or feeling, rendering my entire existence pointless. It is really hard to even muster the motivation and concentration to type this out at the moment. Would the amitriptyline help my anhedonia? I am very doubtful given what I have read on the quetiapine.
  4. I don't want to do anything either. Like you I am single and don't seem to have much interest in getting a girlfriend. Unfortunately I don't work like most here(mostly due to depression/anhedonia), so I actually don't even bother going out at all. I just feel there's nothing out there for me and what little there is beyond my door doesn't interest me in the slightest. I don't even care about people anymore not that I've ever had much of a social life due to my aspergers. My days are now mostly spent chatting with old friends on facebook whilst searching for possible cures. Not much of a life really but I know I cannot stay like this forever. Who would want to? I would be living more if I was dead...
  5. Hi poetic prose thanks for your reply. I'm afraid it sadly did nothing to improve my anhedonia or mood even when I took the full dose. I did notice it made me slightly more articulate which is a bonus but obviously not the effect I'm looking for at the moment. I've done lots of research trawling through various forums for medications deemed helpful in treating this debilitating condition, and another promising med I've found is tianeptine. Unfortunately I know that much of this seems to be hit and miss but that was the treatment I was going to opt for next. If that doesn't work then I know there are many others I can try, it's just that the constant void of nothingness, disinterest and excessive boredom is really taking its toll on me in more ways than one. It feels like I'm wasting my life by waiting around for all these meds to work which in itself takes weeks, but then there is the waiting between appointments which is more than unbearable. I have no life anymore because I just do not care about anything and can't even force myself to do the simplest of tasks. I didn't have much of one before this due to depression but was able to distract through watching my favourite shows, gaming ,reading ,writing and various other outlets. Now I can't do any of that. Well enough of the rant, are there any medications or alternative treatments that anyone could recommend which have proved particularly helpful in anhedonia? I shall try to secure some tianeptine for now...
  6. I've had anhedonia for over a year now and it has showed no signs of fading. I was prescribed wellbutrin(been on 7 weeks) and was eventually upped to the full dose, though that has had little effect aside from making me quick to anger. I always suspected it but today I was diagnosed with ADHD so my psych prescribed me vyvanse which i can take in conjunction with the wellbutrin. I've heard stimulants can be good for anhedonia so really hope it helps kick this awful feeling of nothingness and disinterest. Could it even enhance the effects of the bupropion? I'm so bored but I just can't be bothered with anything right now and have no motivation whatsoever, it's hell. Did vyvanse work for anyone elses anhedonia?
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