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  1. Dealing with other humans when depressed can be really challenging. When I'm depressed it can feel next to impossible to handle disrespectful cohabitants. This might not cut it for you, but one thing that gives me hope is remembering that I haven't tried every possible combination of medication / therapy / lifestyle changes, so there is still a possibility that I could make changes in my life and feel better. I hope this applies to you, at least somewhat.
  2. I think that thinking positively is just one part of recovering from a mood disorder. It will do little by itself but in conjunction with medication, social support, positive lifestyle changes, etc., changing your thought patterns can definitely confer benefits.
  3. This is what I was wondering about! Sleep deprivation both causing depression on the one hand but also being a treatment for depression? I think it be that in the short-term sleep dep. relieves depression but chronic sleep deprivation is depressogenic.
  4. I read this article: http://www.brainprotips.com/the-best-and-safest-sleep-drugs-somnogens-on-the-market-belsomra-suvorexant-and-ramelteon-rozerem/which gets into the neurobio of sleep and depression. I have chronic insomnia and am also depressed; is it possible if I fix the insomnia that depression could let up? Has anyone taken the sleep drug suvorexant? I can't tolerate benzos for sleep and don't know where to turn.
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