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  1. I can't even watch Netflix or anything by myself anymore. I've stopped playing games.. most of the things I did before to keep occupied I can't anymore. Its like I can only spend a very minimal amount of time by myself or I'm ****ed.
  2. I've been single for 3 months now since my ex suddenly left me. I've been dating again but it seems so hard to find somebody who actually likes me enough to make time for me very often.
  3. I can relate to this. I went to go to the bathroom yesterday and flushed the toilet first, a spider got flushed from under the lip of the inside of the toilet where the water comes from. He was then floating in the water... so I got a spoon, fished him out and put the spoon outside. Today I checked on it and he had gone. He must have came to his senses after almost being drowned and finally recovered. I am so glad I flushed first because I am scared of spiders and that ****er was hiding waiting for me
  4. I am exactly the same as you
  5. Really struggling. Lonely. I am very social yet feel alone most of the time. I feel like I need a girlfriend because i'm codependent.
  6. Yes they can. What is there first thing you need to do to begin that process? Think about it and then do it. I have a sweater and it says on it "ALL WE HAVE IS NOW" I believe that.
  7. I feel like you are on the wrong forum mmd
  8. I hope you feel better by now. I care. Make sure you have something nice to eat for dinner too, food kind of makes me happy a little. So the last 2 days I have been at work all day long from around 11am-10pm. I run a bed and breakfast with my brother and Monday/Tuesday's im there all day. Its not that busy a job, just some administration which doesn't take too long and a few checkins so I have plenty of time to plan things and stuff. So I kind of put a plan together to save money for holidays and stuff which is positive and also a girl I was talking to on facebook who randomly added me (which was weird because I haven't seen her before) but she seems nice and is pretty asked if I wanted to go for food with her on the weekend. I'm feeling pretty positive today.
  9. I used to feel like this with my ex sometimes. She would sit almost on her side with her head towards the far side of the sofa and her butt pointing at me.. it was like her body language was away from me. So sometimes i'd ask her if she could sit straight up to come closer and she would say "I'm comfortable". I just wanted some affection. Also she would sleep on this sofa most nights rather than come to bed. She had always slept like this even before we met though so I guess it was just normal to her. But it definitely made me feel lonely.
  10. Your boyfriend should not be telling you he "hates you for this". It was an accident. He should support you.
  11. I had some sort of panic attack when I was at a festival with a bunch of my friends recently. It was so strange, I was cooking on a bbq and I just sat by myself kind of turned away from them while eating and I was tearing up and I didn't know what was happening to me. I didn't want to say anything to them because I didn't want focus on me. It passed after about 10 mintes but it was pretty intense.
  12. Well Dolphin, on saturday England take on Sweden in the quarter finals... so tune in
  13. I was almost ready to have a heart attack earlier when England went to penalties against Colombia in the World Cup.. its such a high in our country when we are in these competitions and we ended up winning our first ever penalty shoot out. So for now I have a little smile on my face and i'm enjoying a cup of tea. As we say in England.. ITS COMING HOME
  14. I watch alot of this guys videos and they help me to think better. Maybe he could help you too. *youtube link removed*
  15. Feeling ok today. Things are improving.
  16. To you guys feeling sad, i love you. Do something small you enjoy. Sometimes i just have a cup of tea with biscuits (yes English) but i enjoy that for a few minutes at least, like 'Yeah, this is some good tea'. I've had insomnia all night. Its 5am and i have things to do today ugh. At least when you have a partner you can just have sex a couple times and then im out like a light. Oh well.
  17. I also feel like society makes it so its so hard to make money by yourself and be independent. Wages are so low that if you have a lower end job you almost HAVE to be living with somebody else and halfing the rent etc if you want some sort of independency... which really kind of isn't being independent lol
  18. Its weird to me being 30. I am starting to feel old even though maybe I don't look old yet. You can ramble all you like, I will read lol.
  19. I know what you mean with the crushing blows over the years. I am 30 now and I have been in a fair amount of relationships through my 20's.. its been a ride. I can say the last one I thought was going to be my life set.. but i'm alone again. One thing I try and hold is the moments that i've had and cherish the good times. I have a jumper which says "All We Have Is Now" and I believe that strongly. So I can't just sit around by myself. I know I was happy before and I want to be happy again. I will let people into my life and go through the emotions again if it gives me some of those moments. I can't waste my youth.
  20. I can't imagine what that could feel like. I watch a tv show called "Californication" and the lead character is in this sort of situation. Watching another man with his ex and his daughter asif he has been replaced in his own family. It kind of disgusts me to think about it. But what can you do? Do you still want to be with her? Or just see your children more.. I'm sorry you're in this position.
  21. I think both are important. I have a pretty good job but nobody to come home to anymore. The latter has me feeling bad. I have never went too long without a job but I remember when I didn't have one for a while when I was about 23 and it ****ing sucked not having money. You need it for almost everything that is enjoyable.
  22. I can relate to this. I came to the realisation after my last breakup which sent me into a hole that I am codependent. I feel good about myself when somebody else feels good about me and towards me. Loneliness destroys me so I know how you feel in that way. People have said to me "Learn to love yourself" or "Be happy in your own company". I think why.. I get absolutely nothing from my own company apart from negative thoughts. I have joined some dating apps "tinder" and "bumble" maybe try one of those and meet some new people?
  23. Just spent another weekend partying. Some girl I met in a bar from tinder asked me to do an mdma pill with her on sunday and we just chilled inside, it was a really close / nice experience. I'm feeling a little lift from this weekend. I wish the things that took me away from feeling bad weren't all supposedly bad for me. I enjoy alcohol and drugs so much. Like when I drink alcohol I don't get down or sad like alot of people, I'm a pretty happy drunk. I guess the fact I can manage to go monday through to thursday most weeks without touching those things is a plus..
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