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  1. i couldn't push myself to get out today either. i hate it. 😖
  2. i became an agnostic a few years ago for some of the reasons you mentioned. but to make my parents happy, i still go to church every once in a while with them. (they don't know i'm agnostic.) lol
  3. i also have a coworker who doesn't respond to 'good morning' or 'hi'. on top of that, she's a micromanager. needless to say, i don't talk to her as much as my other coworkers.
  4. i wanted to delete my account too, only to find that they wouldn't let me. 😤
  5. At that get-together, I was introduced as being single. Could you not? It's not hard to do. I ain't asking for you to be a damned dating service for me that you have to introduce me as a single guy. Yet another reason why I don't care to be around you people.
  6. so it turns out, the last time we were texting each other and he had started insulting me and i was retorting, he was insulted by a remark i made and doesn't care to hang out with me now. oh, boo hoo. i do feel though, that i at least owe him for some drinks he bought, so hopefully he's at least open to my repaying him.
  7. superbored powers, activate!  (gotta keep em activated!)

  8. i'm pretty sure i'd do the same. maybe drown myself in video games like i always do.
  9. or maybe i'll quit the middle of august. save me from having to take a couple extra useless weeks of training that i won't need since i'm leaving (both this job and this field for good) anyway. decisions, decisions...
  10. They'll never know what hit them when I put in my 2-weeks notice. Now if HR would keep it on the down low during my last 2 weeks so that my co-workers won't know I'm leaving, that would be great. But I'm pretty sure HR will f *c k it up for me, word will get out, and everybody will start asking me one by one, "Where are you going?", "You found another job?", "Why are you leaving?", etc. Well, if you must know, I'm quitting this job to get away from you people. 😂
  11. They think I'm shy because I'm quiet. Wrong. Try again. I'm quiet because I don't give a sh * t to talk about anything with you people, nor do you ask me about anything worthwhile. Nor did I want to be there yesterday because I wanted to enjoy my day off by myself but was obliged to go.
  12. i don't want to go to sleep.  it's just another f* c k in g same old day tomorrow.

  13. i'd think in my mind, "f* ck it. f* ck these people (or f* ck this)," then become a hermit.
  14. Is there such a thing? I mean like somebody who can be a motivator/supporter/counselor to the employee and also act as a go-between between employee and employer?
  15. Anyways, i'm done with this sh *t h* ed for now. If he wants to meet up with me and have a conversation over some drinks, it's going to be a while. A long, f* ck *ng while, if it ever happens. With that conversational style, I see why he says he doesn't have very many friends, and causes friction at work.
  16. I started talking again last week to a former coworker. I'm thinking maybe I should have kept that line of communication closed as he seems to only want to talk over me with his oppositional conversational style and not really listen to what I have to say—and I'm not even whining about things or talking about anything depression related. And he tells me I can talk to him about anything. Sure, but that conversational style is not my idea of being able to talk to somebody who tells me that—so, no, I really can't.
  17. no good, close friends to speak of

  18. Mandatory training (almost every week it seems) has caused me to choose the end of August as my quitting date, instead of the end of September, like I originally planned. I had a job in this field before, but I never had to do all this training. I don't know why this job is so strict with it. Oh well, it doesn't matter. Just frustrated now that I'll have to find a job in a different field (as I have decided to leave this kind of work for good) and can't think of what kind of job to do next.
  19. Nothing new on my end.  Just feeling suicidal as usual.

  20. Yet another job I'm going to quit. Another notch on my belt to add to my total of jobs that I've quit that I worked at for less than a year. Too much s* *t ty, micromanaging coworkers. And the residents I take care of are a pain in the *ss. But mostly it's the s* *t ty, micromanaging coworkers. I do need the money though to save up for my move, so I can't leave too soon. Now to decide on a quitting date.
  21. i care enough to say that i don't care, and that's not much.

  22. i don't like my job and i don't have any skills and i don't want to go back to school.

  23. feeling s* ic *d al again.

  24. F* c k, I need a new job.  F* c k this job.

  25. so much b* ll s *i t in life

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