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  1. Hi guys a while back I made a post about non benzo alternatives that people could offer me to deal with my anxiety. I ended up on buspar but it did feck all for ma anxiety I would have been better takin alcohol gums. One thing it did help with was the sexual side effects from the anti depressants I'm on. Someone mentioned to me another none addictive pill called pregabolin and said that worked for them. Is there anyone on here that has been on both buspar an pregabolin before and in particular people that have tried to go from benzos to non addicting anti anxiety drugs. Even plase comment if u you have taken benzos before and quit and have found pregabolin has worked for u or if u have any advice. Apologies for the essay guys cheers.
  2. Thank you guys for the advice o used e cogs before the ones that actually look lime cogs and they where crappie tbh. But I had a shot of ma fiance vape pen and wow the difference it has made is unreal have went from smoking 30 a day to 5. I'm aware of most meds but have not heard of depakote. Is it a bi polar med a mood stabalized? Anyways ma co sultan decided to put me on buspar I really hope it works. My psychosis is stable through ma quitiepine and my depression through rocket fuel venfelaxine and mirtazapine. But still have crazy anxiety. I want to get of the blues and find a anti anxiety med that is non addictive as even 20 mg of diazepam no longer works as my tolerance has built up. I hope the buspar works for me. If any of y ate o it and can five me advice or share ur experience of ein on it then it would be much appreciated. Thanx again to the previous posters for ur advice God bless and remain well
  3. Thank you friend for ur reply I'm glad its working for you and hope ur well. I would love to hear from others that have been on this med in particular people who have switched from benzos to this med. Any advice would be much a appreciated. Again a than you to the previous poster.
  4. Hi I have always taken diazepam to control my anxiety which at first helped but now have built up a tolerance so my doc has put me on buspar. Does it actually make a real difference in reducing anxiety or is it one of those non benzo pills like pregabolin which never helped. Anyone who has an advice to offer regarding this pill who is on it and had a positive or negative effect from it a would be curious to hear. Hope I get useful advice people all the best and have a good day.
  5. Has anyone git any help or advice they can offer me?
  6. Hi currently take 150mg venfelaxine,30 mg mirtazapine and 800mg quitiepune xl. I still get bad anxiety though has anyone had any success with pregabolin or buspar also is it true buspar can help reduce smoking and alcohol cravings. Would like to hear of personal experiences and also any other non benzo meds that help anxiety. So far diazepam has only been able to help my anxiety but don't want to rely on this because of its addictive nature. Cheers.
  7. Thank you for the response I see my cpn tomorrow and my psychiatrist in a months time, does this combo have negative sexual side effects associated with most ssri's as this was my reason for stopping the escitalopram? If not I will mention this combo to my cpn. Thanx
  8. I am currently taking 800mg quitepine xl, Mirtazapine 45 mg, and 10 mg diazepam and 50 mg chlorpromazine prn and was taking 20mg escitalopram. I felt great on this combo it was perfect but then had the usual sexual side effects that go along with an ssri such as escitalopram. I have now stopped takin this and now sleeping 12 hours a day instead of 5-6 hours which was perfect. Have lost motivation and energy ecitalopram gave me and feel constantly tired. I want to know if any members here know of a substitute anti depressant to the escitalopram a non ssri that would combine well with Mirtazapine and give me that lift, motivation and energy so I can function everyday without the sexual side effects. Cheers.
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