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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I've been lurking here on DF off and on but I'm not a huge poster. Don't see my pdoc for another 2 weeks but I'll try talking with my T on Monday and see what he thinks. Talking with my wife some last night, she thinks it could certainly be possible that there's some seasonality and that she has been able to tell in the last week especially that I haven't been myself. I tend to be very private and try really hard not to let people see when I'm doing poorly, so getting called out on it is another marker for me that it is really here and impacting me. I've been doing some more reading on SAD online and light therapy and from what I've seen it looks like people say to use it under doc supervision still in case you swing towards mania. Did your docs/T recommend lights and/or vitamin D or did you just try it on your own?
  2. So, I've been in therapy and on meds for depression most of the year after finally admitting I couldn't just keep going on my own and felt like things were getting better. I live in the Midwest and the past few weeks I feel like things have been getting rougher again so I'm wondering if the weather and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) could be impacting my depression. I haven't talked to my t or p-doc about it yet, but does anyone here deal with SAD? If so, do you use a lightbox or have any other tips?
  3. Thanks for the responses. Mostly I think my issue is more because we end up covering a lot of different ground, and it has seemed to vary even session to session, I don't even always know how to process it into words to share. And then there's also a desire/concern to protect her from my sadness and keep her from having to worry if I keep it under wraps.
  4. So I've been going to therapy since February, usually once a week, sometimes twice if the first time didn't go so well and I feel like I'll need the extra support and processing to keep myself out of my head. Also on AD which is helping a good amount with the physical aspects ( lack of energy, motivation, etc) which is helping me then have the energy to try and work on understanding and managing the root causes when I talk with my therapist. Only my fiancé and a few close friends know that I'm in treatment or that anything is wrong-even though I've been fighting this battle for a number of years, it's always been my secret. Therapy has been an interesting journey so far, much different than I thought it would be since I have a hard time talking. Usually I try to process things by journaling afterwards, but my fiancé keeps telling me that I can talk to her about it too. So my question for other people is how much about therapy sessions do you tell your significant other?
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