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  1. Kyreem this is Nghia ( Nia ) I'm a 20 year old asian male, and let me tell life is a Biotch... I was depress when i was 8, due to my parents fighting all the time, and my mom would beat her anger out on me when my dad isn't home ... the only place i was happy is school, since I make friends easily, and everyone know me as "the amazingly asian nice dude" I was funny, I was kind and carry, I didn't care if people use me, but for some reason no one used me but rather. The day when I finally made up my mind was grade 4... I loved this beautiful girl, she had blue eyes, and a amazing smile on her face all the time.... I swear it was like a blessing.. I was her close friend.. we would play skipping rope everyday at school, and that would be a happy day were i could just forget my pain and move. The girl that I truly treasure deep inside my heart till today died she was only 9, and she was amazing.. she loved life even when she knew she was going to die. It changed my life to the "nice guy always finish last" I would always smile, and when my parents fight or when they beat their anger on me, it would hurt, but i let those emotion bury till i can't hold it in anymore and i would cry, and the cycle would repeat... I treat everyone kindly, and and helped tons of people... but i really never knew how to helped myself. but you know what.. Im really happy knowing their is people like me who went through a hard child hood. the "Mr.nice guy" will always finish last, you right about that. But when he does finish. He helped people along the way rather then hurting or leaving people behind to achieve this goal. I rather be the Mr.Nice guy, because the world need people like us, and people do respect people like you kyreem. you know why? BECAUSE I RESPECT YOU FOR HELPING PEOPLE, AND I KNOW YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS, NEVER GIVE UP!!!! because your not alone
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