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  1. I guess it doesn't look that bad does it? No idea
  2. I'm still really down. That was only six months ago and I look terrible.
  3. Well y'all know the bottom two are the updated. The top link is what it looked like BEFORE. I wish I could edit it to explain that.
  4. I can't do this anymore. I just found pictures that I took back in April and back then I thought I was practically bald. I just found them: http://bit.ly/20MUaBp I am so upset because that is literally nothing compared to what I look like now: only six months later. I think those photos were right before I started fin. I have no hope and am going to lose all my hair. What do I do? How can I stop this?? I don't know if I'm mentally unstable but I feel virtually bald now. I'm tired of worrying about this. I must have taken 4,000 pictures over the last 2 years of my hairline. http://imgur.com/a/ZezxB and http://imgur.com/a/MDhV0
  5. I'm 20 and my hairline has slightly receded. I'll show someone pictures if needed, because I literally can't tell if it is horrendously bad or not. It has become my obsession. In the last year, I have probably taken at least 2,000 pictures of my hairline. Sometimes a hundred a day. The dermatologist had to let me finish accutane before I started talking about treatment. I am using a steroid for my scalp, and if that doesn't work I am going back and she says I can take finasteride, finally. My problem is that I'm falling for a guy. I'm a 20 year old male and we are perfect for each other, but I feel like I am hiding a secret. I am a pretty attractive person, and I feel like most of my flaws aren't that bad, but I'm afraid that if he saw it he would find my ugly and awful. It is only really noticeable with short hair. My hair is still very thick and I have no balding in the back. The one thing that killed me was when the lady cut my hair too short a few weeks ago and my friend commented that it looked kinda like I had a bald spot on one small part on my side. That made me feel worse than anything. I feel like I should stop talking to the guy I am talking to because of my flaw. I am going to see him tomorrow and he makes me more happy than anything. But he did say a long time ago maybe jokingly that he didn't like bald people. And that he doesn't ever want to go bald (we were talking about how awful it will be when we reach 80.) I don't know what to do. Just when I recored from my biggest flaw (awful acne), now I discover this. I feel like my depression has literally skewed my perception of reality. I can't tell how bad my flaws are. Every picture of me looks different to me. I want to cry. I mean, I have a lot before. I don't want to keep up like this. I don't think I deserve him and I don't know how he would feel. But we are falling really hard for each other and it is making me miserable.
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