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  1. I gave Cymbalta (60mgs) a good 28 days ( 4 weeks ) before deciding it wasn't for me. Wanted to give it longer, but could not function properly on it. ie felt incredibly sad & down on it with a lot of brain fog . Not one good day in the last 2 weeks. Obviously not the med for me. Just quit cold turkey & feel much better. Oh well , back to the drawing board . Have tried Zoloft,Prozac,Effexor,Edronax & now Cymbalta with no luck. Maybe a TCA or MAOI next ?
  2. Hi to you DF JG1426 There are quite a few parallels between what you have been going through, and my life over the past 5 Years.....so for a moment, i thought you were describing me ! I can certainly relate to being anxious about going to the gym part, I think I am wasting so much money with my membership at the moment ! With the anxiety, I think it's better to try and convince yourself through positive self talk like "What's there to be anxious about?" or " This is just momentary and will pass" ...etc , you know stuff like that. It seems to help me get through some situations- ,maybe you could try likewise? I have been on many different medications, but none have seemed to help. Quite often, the meds made me feel worse ( if that's possible?) Sorry to discourage you, but there's a lot of trial & error with meds. Hope you have more success that I have had ! At the moment, I am trailing High EPA fish oils to combat my depression....supposed to be beneficial, but I need to give it a bit more time. All I can suggest it that you look after yourself - see a counsellor/pyschologist - it's really difficult to work through these issues on your own, or with well-meaning friends/family; and keep visiting depforums. There are some truly wonderful people here who can really help you through the bad times. Take care Yose
  3. As for my symptoms this week ( and most weeks for that matter) - Blankness - Can't talk - feel stupid - Worried am going to die any second - Tiredness ( could sleep forever) - withdrawn - headache that no headache tab can remove - feel pain - thoughts all murky & foggy - anxious - wondering how on earth am I going to get through the day..... - half dream/ half awake like state that is scary Great way to live, huh? Best wishes to you all.... Yose
  4. Why do I wake up feeling different every morning
  5. Thankyou all so much for your suggestions. I really am greatfull ! You all are so kind for helping me. I don't really think they are headache's , because I know that headache's feel like & this feeling is something 100x worse than any headache... You see, the feeling are dissipating somewhat after 3 straight days of pain. Like today I feel "normal"...no head pressure, no foggyness, no blankness. So , its up & down like a yo-yo for me and I know that this feeling will strike again soon ( this is the most frustating part !). Surely this must be depression related somehow, but I really don't know if it is??? I often read about the symptoms of depression and it never mentions this is one of them. When I am in the midst of one of these episodes, I feel pain. I can't describe the feeling, but it's like my head has this pressure/blockage exerted against it. The pain also extends to other parts of my body leaving me feeling so tired/rundown and I'm in this half-awake, half dream like state that renders me function-less. My thoughts are all murky & foggy and simple conversational skills goes out the window. Leaving my home is not an option... I just feel like staring..... On these days, I feel like putting up an "Out of Order" sign on me. Gosh, I must be just totally weird ! Yose
  6. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but I am not sure about it...I have never had any attacks with racing heart and sweating and all that. I feel constantly anxious, and I constantly have this pressure in my head, like it's going to explode, or wants to expand, but there is an iron ring around it, so pressure inside mounts. I am going to burst outside of my head soon, or at least suffer brain damage from the pressure. At least that what it feels like and I HATE this feeling
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