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  1. Overwhelmed and unsure of what to do about it....
  2. Headache from hell today.....such a fun existence ...Not.
  3. In one word.... rubbish. Spiralling and can't figure out why.
  4. feel overwhelmed...when I feel like this i just shutdown
  5. Drained, blank, headachy , weak... In this order. Wish i was the person 10 years ago
  6. More or less when I was 30.....now 42. No resolution in sight...
  7. Lately when I havent been feeling well, have hit the Sauna at my local gym. Afterwards I feel a change for the better, like I have sweated out the D. Anyone else use the sauna to relieve symptoms?
  8. today feel upbeat with a warm sense of well-being. (mind you , felt like death yesterday ) Up & down like a yo-yo.
  9. A 2 out of 10 day.....am breathing , but not feeling.
  10. Most afternoons, but especailly weekend afteroons are worst for me.
  11. My depression sounds similar to yours with bad days followed by good days....constantly alternating....never predictable. I’m not on any meds at the moment, but have been on in the past with little success. I still have a few unused boxes of anti-d’s in my cupboard . If I am having a REALLY bad day, I sometimes self medicate with a dose of one of my unused meds for some relief....but realise, they don’t work this way as most meds take 6-8 weeks to be effective. Wish they did invent a instant relief anti depressant that can be taken on an as-need basis.
  12. Bad days strike me for no apparent reason and have been happening all too frequently lately.( waking up every morning questioning the purpose of life, foggy , headaches that won't go away.etc etc) My only real tools for coping at the moment are exercising and sleep.Both are a bit hit and miss though, as sometimes exercise makes me feel worse....and sometimes sleep makes me feel like rubbish. It's a real struggle to survive during these episodes.
  13. Blaghh today..head fuzzy and in pain....wishing I could escape to the mountains.
  14. I have just entered a new relationship (3mths) with the girl of my dreams....I just pray my depression doesn't destroy it. But typical, it has reared its head again in the last few weeks- mainly telling me it will all end in disaster.
  15. "I've learned I have a strength I never knew, even though there have been times I've thought I just can't do it for one more minute...I press on. The sheer determination and courage it takes to deal with this illness, often with little support, often feeling weak, worthless, and unable to go on, shows just how strong we really are, every one." I have learned this as well. Great & inspirng post! Yose
  16. Hi Ocarina Thanks for providing me with this information. It does feel like one of my neurotransmitters is definitley mis-firing and out of wack after excercise. My doctor is incrediblly old school and would probably just say its all in my head and to keep exercising ! For the most part, I really enjoy exercise and like the feeling of getting stronger....but this depression it exacerbates is just crazy .
  17. Can anyone else relate to worsening depression after exercise? I must be in the minority here, because I often read about the positive mood enhancing effects. I am exercising 3 days a week doing predominantly weight/strength exercises. However, approx 2-3 hours after I have finished an exercise routine, and for the next day or 2 after, I spiral/crash into this depressive phase to the point of wanting to be hit by a bus! My mind is always cloudy/foggy , I feel totally dis-functional and the depression just swallows me
  18. My end of year holidays....looking forward to that one!
  19. Woke up like I had just run a marathon in my sleep. So, am tired, head feels funny and called in work to say I'm not coming in 2day. D please go away.
  20. Can anyone relate to worsening depression over the week-ends? I seem to be able to hold it together mood-wise from Mon-Fri as I hold a responsible work position. The frantic pace and busyness diverts my attention away from my depression and feel quite up-beat most of the time. But come Sat/Sun I just crash into a heap, totally isolating myself from the world, and sleeping more to escape the pain..I have lost much contact with friends and don't feel social at all. It takes super human strength to even get to the shops. Weekends are supposed to be fun, but I barely stuggle to survive and dread them. Any advice/similar stories appreciated.
  21. Chain smoke while contemplating how on earth am I going to get through the day. Then the super-human strength it takes suddenly kicks in.
  22. I have been prescibed Aurorix ( moclobemide) and have yet to start it and like you Chris, have read so many varying reports on the efficacy of this drug ( mostly negative), that I am very indecisive wether to start on it or not. The most common thing I read is that it might work for 2 weeks and then fizzle out completely. Would really like to hear of any success stories out there as this is my 7th med to trial.....
  23. Dear Cwriley & kassiegal Thanks for your suggestions and for revitalising this old post. I actually totally forgot about it , but as such , my symptoms of whatever is going on inside my head have not abated. The pressure, the blankness , the heaviness is still there. Sleep & exercise are my greatest allies against my problematic brain chemistry for the time being. I have started seeing a new Pdoc for the last 3 months and she has actually given me a sample pack of Lexapro to trial to see if it helps.....but am not getting my hopes up since other SSRI's I've tried ( Zoloft & Prozac) did not help with this horrible feeling. Maybe I will run Buspar by her the next time I see her in a fortnight. I am still unsure what is wrong with me....Sometimes just thing it is the hand I've been dealt and my brain is the way it is. Best wishes to you all... Yose
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