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  1. feel unbelievably bad headache, tired & don't want to be here anymore
  2. Headache from hell .... don’t want to be here anymore
  3. feel blah....headache that wont go away, stressed about everything and prefer to sleep forever.....
  4. headache from hell....feel like the end is near
  5. Throwing this topic out there again.... i too too have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea and will be put on a CPAP breathing machine. Has any one undergone this treatment and found it impoves their depression episode's? My main symptoms of d included fatigue, headadaches and lack of energy.
  6. Sauna today.... My god, how this alleviates my depression symptoms! Headache gone.
  7. Very Vulnerable right now... why are mornings so hard.
  8. like a busted vending machine with an out of order sign....me today "out of order"
  9. dropped and picked up my son from daycare, went to the gym....dinner time now.
  10. Feel very weird today....like as though I am watching my life as if I were watching it as a movie.
  11. Took my 3 year old boy to swimming lessons. Super human strength required to do this today !
  12. Like a vending machine I saw today that was "Out of Order"....feel like putting this sign on me.
  13. Another day, another headache.....being alive is painful.
  14. very challenging day... In survival mode at he moment.
  15. Headache from hell today.......just love the physical symptoms of depression....NOT!
  16. Feel overwhelmed and panicky.....thoughts everywhere, never ending loop of negativity today.
  17. Bad Days....Well apart from wanting to put an "Out of Order" sign on me, there are several things I do to get through. I exercise(lift weights, cardio) which seem to put me in a better space, the release of endorphins cannot be under-estimated! As bad as I feel, I just get moving somehow. Also, on blah days, I try and sleep more. Although this sometimes back -fires as I sometimes feel like death after an afternoon nap. ( just love my brain chemistry!) Finally, I try and eat my favourite food to comfort myself.
  18. ditto here......Xmas/holiday period has left me speechless.
  19. Well , have tried to attack it on all fronts today.....sleep, exercise, healthy eating, vitamins, more exercise.... Guess what...nothing has worked. The struggle continues....
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