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  1. Good morning, as now is 08:14 AM in Brazil. My name is Carlos, I am 19 years old. Forgive me for grammatical mistakes. I am not a native speaker. I'll try to summarize my current situation. I have a rare disease called coeliac disease, that is a autoimmune disease of the intestines that causes me to be intolerant to gluten, which unfortunately is present in 90% of all foods I can find anywhere. The only treatment is a lifetime absent of gluten. Forever. My body's immune system will recognize the gluten's protein as a strange body and will attack it, damaging my intestines in the process. This is where the mental illness comes into play. As a result of the intestines wounds, my capability to absorb nutrients is severely reduced, which leads to bad nutrition, which leads to countless mental illnesses. Within the couple past years, as a result of vitamins deficiency, I have suffered severe panic attacks, social anxiety, mental confusion, depression and even suicidal thoughts. This have never happened before I started to suffer from sub-nutrition. I even had anaemia for several months. I have been diagnosed with this condition 2 years ago, but I have not been able to follow a strict diet without gluten, not even for a month straight, mostly due to my parents. My parents are genuinely ignorant and uneducated, as you would expect from Brazilians born in the 50's. I depend on them, as I am not suitable to work right now. I only need one damn thing to lift me out of this situation: a proper environment free of gluten for 1 year, at least (it takes 6 months free of gluten for the wounds to start healing). More often than not, eating gluten will be my only option, other than eating rice and beans at every damn meal. My house is full of food which is literally toxic for me, and I find this very depressive. I feel like they don't care about me when they don't even bother to create a healthier environment for me to live, knowing that I have this condition. Freeing me from this disease would be a literal investment in my future, because I know that, in proper health, I can work, be happy and successful, as I have in the past. Although I often instruct my mother about about what I cannot eat, it can't be helped. She is uneducated and knows nothing of nutrition. I'll give her detailed lists, but she'll still contaminate my food with gluten, no matter what. This, pardon me, pi**es me right off, because it throws in the garbage all the months of restrictions that I have gone through. We'll often have loud arguments about this. She'll make mistakes every day. Don't get this wrong. I understand humans are not perfect and everybody make mistakes, but she REALLY makes mistakes all the time. When making a cake, she'll fill it with milk, to the point that it's drinkable. When peeling eggs, she'll often rip off half of the whites along with the shell. When cooking me vegetables, she'll leave them sunk in the water for hours after the cooking is done, until I wake up and eat them. When picking fruits at the supermarket, she'll often bring rotten fruits. Making mistakes is one thing, but I feel like she is just sloppy and careless. I talk to her gently about this. "Mom, would you be more careful? Would you pay more attention?". She takes it personally. More recently, she started to demonstrate that she's getting full of me and my condition. My father gave me up a long ago. Despite the countless medical reports, my father doesn't give a care. He says that I should grow a pair, get a job and buy my own food. That I should get out of bed and get something done. I wish I could. What he recommends as a treatment, would be a cured person. Medical reports demonstrate vitamins and minerals deficiency, due to the coeliac's disease effects on my nutrients absorption capability. All doctors agree that this is the cause of my panic attacks, generalized anxiety, fatigue, depression and severe headaches, coupled with some more physiological symptoms, like diarrhoea and abdominal pain. My parents are giving up on me. My social life is gone. I was thinking of moving out, but I realized it would only make things more difficult for me. I can't get a word through my uneducated parents thick skulls. My mother is sloppy and careless. My father thinks I'm simply being weak. My disease slowly progresses to its final stage; colon cancer. I have no perspective of a better future as it is. I was seriously thinking about hanging myself. If I could find a quick, painless method to die, I would have done it today. The ache is ******* me. I don't know what to do. :/
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