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  1. I understand how you feel. all I can tell you is to not loose your hopes. Everytime a dosage is increase, it's like starting again, it should take 2-4 weeks to see some effect. Hope it works out for you
  2. Anyone's help would be appreciated. I know many did something similar when insurance companies wouldn't pay the XR version. Just would like to know how they did it. So far havent notice any bad sides, however, I'm still withdrawing of zoloft 100 mg now, so perhaps the zoloft effect is still functioning. THanks
  3. Sorry to hear that 7 weeks later your symptoms has return. perhaps that's not the optimal dosage for you. By 6 weeks a doctor of mines once told me if the medication is going to work, it should work. Effexor 225 mg is suppose to be the optimal starting dosage but only your doctor can consult you and find the best treatment for you. good luck
  4. Hi to all. I been on AD's for many years and I been on effexor a few times on and off and I got confused when I filled my prescription and saw that he prescribed 75 mg of effexor IR and not the XR versio. ( he's increasing my dosage slowly up to 150 mg. He also put me on 25 mg seroquel for insomnia. To me it's odd. I called him regarding this matter but haven't gotten he's call back. so, for now I'm doing what I have to do, and to avoid to get withdrawal from the short half life of the IR, I'm cutting the 75 mg of effexor IR into 1/3. Every few years they change doctors, so I only seen this doctor like 3 times. Could it be possible for a doctor to prescribe 75 mg of effexor IR once a day? Thanks Good Bless All.
  5. Hi to all, I remember reading a few years back how a serotonin
  6. All the antidepressant that been release for more than a decade basicly are similar medication that basicly isn't more effective than the prior meds. but that is more effective than a placebo, that focus on ssri's and ssnri's and medication in those neurotranmitor. At least they were honest in most articles I read about this new medication, stating that it's no more effective than the ssri's and ssnri's or other antidepressants in the market. However the pharmaceutical market plan is that it has less sexual side effect, and weight gain. U must take it with food to not loose it's eeffectiveness also. For those that this medication work for, I'm happy for u. but it's basicly focusing more on having less sides than effecitiveness. I wonder what happend to the serotonin
  7. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  8. I hope you have a nice day as well.

  9. Hi to all. Does anyone know how much does a 30 supply of the new extended release version medication, Oleptro cost? Also, since it's a extended release version does It have less sides than Desyrel? Thanks!
  10. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  11. Since it was approved early this year I thought that by now it would have been released. Thanks for the reply, trace.
  12. Hi, Before starting trazodone my liver enzyme was a bit high, so I want to know if the risk of trazodone causing liver damage is low or high? Some drugs causes liver damage more than others. Thanks
  13. My whole Regimen was changed recently. I was on remeron, zoloft 50 mg and klonopin. Now I'm on pristiq 50 mg, trazodone(for sleep) and klonopin. Anyways, let me get back to the topic. I'm noticing some mild antidepressant effect on pristiq after only 1.5 week and as far as the sexual sides go, my main dilema with all the ssri's and snri's that I been on, (which has been all of them) has been not being able to orgasm on them and decrease libido second. I'm happy to say that so far on 50 mg of pristiq, I only have mild delayed ejaculation and compare to a low dosage of 50 mg of zoloft, the difference is alot. I'm so happy about this because my main reason for switching from ssri's and snri's has been because of the sexual side effect and now I can live with pristiq as far as the sexual side goes. Hopefully after sometime things are going to even get better as far as my sexual life on pristiq. I just hope that now pristiq antidepressant and anxiety effect will be just as good.
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