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  1. Hi freckeldface! Thanks for your answer btw!!! Im at my 4th weeks on cipralex and at 15 mg since last weeks. I think that Im on the right way... My anxiety is way better! Im less foggy but still tired. Maybe not as much but sometimes I go back to dleep in the morning and wake up around lunch!!! I try not to do that too often because I have little trouble going to bed at night! I take mine in the morning.... And how are you ????
  2. Hi everyone! I am so happy I found this forum wich seems really nice... I am taking cipralex ( called like that here in montreal, canada) since two weeks now and I feel terribly numb, sort of spacey and mostly tired all day long. I usually take in late am but since the past two days, I tried to take it around 5-6 pm but had a lot of trouble sleeping and still feel tired the next day. I think I'll switch to taking it in am but I was wondering if I will always feel like that. Its like if my head is somehow fuzzy and fog and I just wish to have my clear mind coming back and be more energic! Before that, I was on zoloft for 3 yrs but it kinda quit working. I have GAD. Thanks for answering and helping me!
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