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  1. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Thanks JD, I'd do the same if it made me feel better. I'm not even a little bit ok. Interactions here sometimes keep me one fingernail away from the edge.
  2. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Big, long family trip beginning today... Everyone else is excited but I feel nothing other than dread and anxiety..
  3. Has Depression Made You Look Older?

    Oh yes - I have aged dramatically since depression struck three years ago.
  4. Anhedonia and Depression very, very difficult.
  5. Anhedonia and Depression

    Of course Annafairlady...most people here are happy to try and answer any questions you might have. And is NO way to "live". Hope you feel better soon.
  6. Anhedonia and Depression

    There is definitely some overlap, but the words "depression" and "anhedonia" do not mean exactly the same thing. My understanding is that anhedonia is a symptom of depression. While some people with depression have anhedonia, it is also very possible to be depressed and not be andedonic. LIterally, "anhedonia" translates as "without pleasure". A person with anhedonia is unable to experience pleasure. To give an example: someone who is depressed might be crying and having low moods too often but their mood lifts when they are doing something that they usually enjoy - like taking a vacation or watching a favorite movie. For this person, their lows are lower than they should be (and perhaps too frequent), yet they are still able to enjoy some good moods under the right circumstances. A person with anhedonia does not experience this lift in mood, even under ideal conditions. To give another example, I'll often hear people with depression say something like "when I'm depressed I love to listen to music - I have so many favorite songs that express how I feel". But a person with anhedonia would not be able to honestly make a statement like this, since even listening to music provides no true pleasure for them.
  7. I need to vent

    Hey man, I'm glad you decided to come here and vent, and hopefully you feel a bit better now having got it out. I never used to be an angry person - just the opposite - but with depression, anxiety, and mental illness I find it very difficult not to be p***** off most of the time. Life just is not fair to some people, and it is hard to accept. If you keep that anger inside of you or if it comes out in explosive ways, it can be destructive. Good for you for using the forums as a pressure valved and keep it up. As others have said, you will find work eventually and then these disappointments won't matter anymore. Also glad that your therapist is helping - sounds like you found a good one. Keep it up man!
  8. hey duck - i like the new profile pic..

  9. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    It breaks my heart to read this, and I can relate to so much of it. Damn this horrible thing called depression. It destroys lives and families, and its all just so senseless.
  10. Is it ok to talk to your doctor?

    YES! As others have said here, you MUST feel that you can talk to your doctor freely - and if you don't feel that way please find a different doctor. Remember that your doctor works for (or your insurance) pay their salary. Too many people think of doctors as authority figures instead of what they really are - a professional who's job it is to help YOU.
  11. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    RiverLight - I see you as a cherished and valued member on this forum and I know for a fact that many other members feel the same. Whatever is upsetting you right now, please don't let it push you away. We all need you around, you are such a positive voice and supporter of others.