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  1. Severely depressed all day every day, haunted by disturbing dreams every night. So miserable.
  2. Start of a week's "vacation". I've not had any real vacation from depression for nearly five years. It has totally destroyed my life, family and career. What a horrible nightmare. The time off just gives me more time to think of the worst.
  3. I could not agree more. Anyone who calls them self a therapist and acts the way you have described is severely misguided and dangerous. Again, when you wrote "He rarely asked questions. He did more eye rolling, scoffing, sighing and glaring than he did talking," I was shocked. This person is not qualified to be a therapist, no matter what you may have said to them during your session. Please do not give them another thought or let yourself feel judged by this incompetent jacka$s.
  4. Yes, I still have it. I had some mild tinnitus before but the medication made it much, much worse and it still is. Right now the ringing in my ears is as loud as the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard.
  5. There is a lot to respond to here and I haven't read the whole thread, but I would try not to get too hung up on the word "Narcissist." It is just a word and ultimately one person's opinion. I believe it is often used disparagingly by people in order to describe someone they don't like. Instead of just saying someone is acting selfishly, they will call them a narcissist because it is easier to label someone rather than try to understand why they might acting selfishly . Specifically, it pained me to read about your experience with this therapist: Eye rolling? Scoffing? Sighing? Dismissiveness? This is NOT how a therapist should act. I am deeply sorry that you had this experience, and also very glad to hear that you have moved on. It hits me personally because I had an oddly similar experience in therapy (sounds like it could have been the same person!) and it ended up really doing me a lot of harm that I have yet to recover from. Seriously - no matter what sort of issues you may be bringing to a therapy session, this kind of behavior is not only unprofessional - it is egregiously irresponsible and dangerous. Please do not judge yourself in anyway due to the influence of this clod. He has no business pretending to care for others and should be run out of town.
  6. I rarely post anymore because I have nothing new to say, just more misery all the time. What a waste.
  7. I have spent a lot of time on 7cups, although it was a couple of years ago. In my experience there were some great listeners on there, but sometimes you have to wade through a few bad ones to find them. There is a page that allows you to browse listeners by age, rating, etc. and you might have better luck there. It is definitely worth a shot, I would just say dont' be discouraged if you encounter some bad listeners at first. Keep trying until you find one you like. If you want to DM me I can give you more info.
  8. Tilted

    Anhedonia discord

    That was a different chat group JD - discord is a chat group platform that anyone can use to create a channel. I’d be interested in learning about this group but it looks like the link has beer omitted or removed.
  9. Good luck highanxiety, I hope it works out for you.
  10. It is unspeakably brutal. So sorry for what you are going through...you are right that no matter the good circumstances - severe, chronic depression does not let go.
  11. Wishing you well in the New Year...

    1. idkusername465


      Thank you man! Happy New Year to you to! What time do you usually sign into the chat room?

    2. Tilted


      Often around 4pm weekdays, although I'm usually the only one in there

  12. It doesn't have to be for everyone, but sadly for many that is how it turns out...
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