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  1. Eyyy, good news @idkusername465 - we are rooting for you.
  2. Severely depressed, anhedonic and depersonalized.
  3. Wife is away for several days so its just me and my daughter. Have some "fun" things planned, but really it is not fun for a 9-year old to be stuck with her severely depressed dad for days on end.
  4. For many of us, depression never takes a day off.
  5. Here we go, another brutal holiday weekend.
  6. It is hard to say what is worse: the humiliating monotony of the work week or the humiliating anhedonic emptiness of days off.
  7. Yes. At work I want to finish my tasks so I can go home, but then I get "home" and remember that I hate where live. Home does not exist for me anymore - it is just going from one hostile environment to another.
  8. Severely depressed all day every day, haunted by disturbing dreams every night. So miserable.
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