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  1. Hi Duck, thanks for your message. I've been lurking with nothing much more to say other than: I'm severely depressed, anhedonic, dissassociated, etc...you know the routine. Glad to hear from you though bud, hope you are doing ok.
  2. You are going to kick this thing's ass, I have no doubt about it. Probably it won't feel that way to you, but when it is over you will be relived and triumphant.
  3. Oof. Just seeing this now JD. Sounds like a tough spot. I really don't have enough of a grasp to give you any advice, but know that I am rooting for you and if you ever need a sounding board don't hesitate to get in touch.
  4. Whoops, just realized I posted this in the wrong place. Sorry for the non-sequitur @gandolfication - I meant for this to go onto the "How are you feeling right now?' thread.
  5. I’ve said it before, but holidays just make me feel much worse. The joy that others are feeling only serves as a sharp, contrasting reminder of how horrible I feel all the time.The extra stress doesn’t help either. I never used to be this way, but now I’ll be glad when this season has passed.
  6. Anhedonia and depersonalization remain unchanged, but this time of year the anxiety and irritability spike with all the holiday stress. How nice.
  7. Wolf - I don't even have the words. It is hard to imagine anything more upsetting. You don't deserve this.
  8. Holidays just make me feel worse...really struggling even more than usual to this week. Pkm
  9. Unfortunately so much of what constitutes “help” is simply providing the number for a crisis line, which anybody could Google in two seconds anyway. And anyone who has ever called a crisis line can probably tell you that the “support” they provide is inadequate at best. My heart goes out to everyone suffering from emotional pain today and every day.
  10. Haven't seen you for a while...

  11. That sounds difficult. Hopefully they will be understanding. Did anyone from the office try to get in touch with you? Let us know how it goes...
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