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  1. Tilted

    News of the Weird

    I see no problem here...
  2. Tilted

    Anhedonia discord

    That was a different chat group JD - discord is a chat group platform that anyone can use to create a channel. I’d be interested in learning about this group but it looks like the link has beer omitted or removed.
  3. Good luck highanxiety, I hope it works out for you.
  4. Tilted

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    It is unspeakably brutal. So sorry for what you are going through...you are right that no matter the good circumstances - severe, chronic depression does not let go.
  5. Wishing you well in the New Year...

    1. idkusername465


      Thank you man! Happy New Year to you to! What time do you usually sign into the chat room?

    2. Tilted


      Often around 4pm weekdays, although I'm usually the only one in there

  6. Tilted

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    It doesn't have to be for everyone, but sadly for many that is how it turns out...
  7. I'd say the most important question is: do you feel comfortable talking to this person? Working with a therapist can potentially be life-changing. The range in quality of therapists is shocking. The importance of a "good fit" for you can not be overemphasized. A therapist that is not competent or not a good for you can be ineffectual at best, and potentially do more harm than good. (Speaking from personal experience here). Too many people defer to their therapist as an authority figure without recognizing that this person works for you. I would interview more than one and see what the options are - you may be surprised at the differences. Spend some time with them before making a final decision. And if you have the option (sounds like you do), I would not spare expenses when it comes to your mental health. It may seem like a lot, but saving a few bucks to go with a less expensive therapist (or one that is covered by your insurance) can end up costing you a lot more in the long run if the more affordable option is not a good fit. (Again speaking from personal experience here...)
  8. Tilted

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Every day the pile of regret and humiliation gets deeper.
  9. Tilted

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    It is the same for me, although I do hate it. I don't care enough to actually be able to do something about it, but I do hate it. "Every single thing I have to force myself to do it." <-- this is me too: even "enjoyable" things must be forced.
  10. Tilted

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Hope things get better for you soon buddy.
  11. Not a millisecond of true peace in over four years, not one. Times like these when most people are celebrating just make it worse. I can take the pain, but the complete absence of any authentic joy makes life not worth living. For anyone else who is struggling, my sincere sympathies.
  12. Tilted

    mental health

    This is appalling. I'm sorry to hear it wolf... If medical "treatment' helps anyone, than I am glad for them - but I have seen far too many situations (including my own) where the medical establishment does more harm than good.
  13. ayyy, new mug shot...looking good!

    1. bbwolf


      be looking better if i could drop that last 50lbs, hit a plateau and been stuck since july,   but thanks i appreciate the compliment


  14. Tilted

    Once a screw-up, always a screw-up

    This sounds like something I would do. And then I would proceed to beat myself up about it. But I would say to all those who are mad at you, or judging you...eff them. It was an honest mistake and no harm done. You are a great dad for picking her up when you do, which I know is often. There are a lot of dad's who wouldn't even do this.
  15. Hey apf - this made me think of you: