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  1. I've become incredibly bored of the more vocal atheists. Yes! god doesn't exist. Now what? Read some science! I have, and the psychology of belief has always interested me, whether it's religion or advertising. And pi**ing on Jesus' cross isn't exactly progressing. They believe in that stuff and there's probably nothing you can say that will change that. God is dead. Now what? Spirituality is a word that makes me vomit in my mouth but maybe poetry is a better word for it. Empericism can't describe everything, which is no reason to believe in ghosts and homeopathy, but there is a spiritual poetic aspect to life, whether it's happy or sad poetry, good or ****ing awful poetry. Let's be more poetic.
  2. Gosh you have made me laugh today with some of your posts, thank you for the entertainment.

    1. Ba3inga


      Well l hope you don't charge travelling expenses by the hour on a full moon. Sleep tight

  3. Still missing you.  I hope the reason you're not here is that you're out doing wonderful things and enjoying life!!

  4. Hi Nisemono!!  I miss you.  I hope you're doing alright. :hugs:

    1. LoneSquirrel


      You crack me up, Nisemono!!!  :hugs:

      I'm kind of on a crappy streak right now (nice mental picture, eh?), but maybe things will get better soon.  We'll see.  I'm just feeling s***ty about life, and it's wearing on me.  Trying to find some sort of joie de vivre, and it's not working. :glare:

    2. LoneSquirrel


      Okay.  I will.  :Coopwink:

  5. Hi, Nisemono!!

    I hope you're having a good day.

    I'm sending you squirrel kisses.


    1. LoneSquirrel


      LoL, Nisemono, it's okay!!  I'm glad to hear that your day went pretty well.  If you ever want to talk, just PM me, okay? :Coopwink:

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