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  1. Hi everybody, it's my first post! I was wondering how quickly Abilify worked for you. My doc added it to my bupropion last week, and after just five days I felt a major difference. For three days I felt fantastic with lots of energy, and even sleeping less (5 or 6 hours rather than 8 or 9). Today I am less so, but I am assuming that it's just due to the first day of my period and feeling crappy, plus I woke up to cloud cover instead of sunshine like the last few days (which often seems to make a difference to me!). Anyway, I've only started out on a 1mg dose and was supposed to go to one full pill (2mg) after a week, but I kept a few more split in half just to see how it goes. Is it possible for it to really work after less than a week? Because I'm just wondering if it's a fluke. Thanks everyone! <*)))><
  2. I've been on it since August and I definitely noticed a lack of appetite, but it never made me feel sick. This has a been a good thing for me since I'm quite overweight and tend to be an emotional eater, so it's really helped with that and I lost 15 pounds in the first 4 months or so. Not too shabby. Of course, it could be detrimental if you don't need to lose weight and aren't eating healthy things when you do. It has made me more motivated to eat healthier and not overeat as much.
  3. I've been on bupropion since last summer (August, I think?), and I had dry mouth for a long time, but it's not nearly as bad anymore. So I'd say stick with it for six months and see if it eases up on you, since that's what I was told and they were right about it. Now I still have slight dry mouth, but mostly it just gets bad when I get anxious over something. I'm prone to cavities too, but hopefully all my brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and constant sipping of water helped prevent that. Always keep a bottle of water with you!
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