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  1. This guy says he must ejaculate inside me. No dice otherwise. I don't know if I should have been surprised a guy looking for anonymous sex online would suggest such a thing, but I was. Is this normal? I've been reading online about how often gay guys risk this, and lot of act as if it isn't any big deal. He says he's clean, but how would I know?
  2. At 31 years old, I've never had a sexual experience. I placed an ad online a few days ago asking if there were any men in my area interested in 'meeting up' with an 'inexperienced' individual. I've received at least 15 responses since then, to my surprise. I figured they would draw the worst possible conclusion about a 31 year old virgin. There is one guy who responded I've taken an interest in, and who wants to meet up at a hotel. He is 41. I asked specifically for older men. I've never even been on a date before, never been close to having a boyfriend, and here I may be on the verge of meeting this stranger for sex. I talked to my therapist about it today, and unsurprisingly he has some reservations about this, to say the least. I was afraid he would immediately speak to my parents, but he didn't. He understands I'm of age, and it's normal for a 31 year old to be sexually active. He acknowledged that 'hooking up' isn't exactly unusual or taboo, but he's worried about my safety. He suggested I text him where I would be if I went through with this. Before I talked to my therapist, this guy suggested I meet with him tomorrow. I told my therapist it would be at least a week until this could happen. He wants me to give this more thought, and to be as sure as possible I won't be endangering myself, but I don't want to put this guy off. He's the only one I've talked to at any length who isn't suggesting a 'friendship', and that we 'get to know one another'. This is something I found off-putting from others who have responded. One guy even asked if I would consider going camping and traveling with him. Another guy sounded like a cult leader. Another one suggested doing it in the woods.
  3. Why did people in the late 60s-to-mid 70s always look a tad dirty? I'm talking about how you see them in family photos, or actors on sitcoms, or grainy low budget movies of the time. Even the most clean cut, preppy people looked like they needed to shower, or at least wash their hair. I'm not talking about just hippies, I mean almost everyone. I guess the reason female sitcom character of the era made such a big deal out of washing their hair was because it was something they didn't often do. Was this all about the quality of film at the time, and people 'photographed' dirty? I'm completely fascinated with the subtle ways people looked different from one decade to another. Teens in the '50s and early '60s tended to look more mature than their age in a way that kids since haven't. They looked like they could be in their 30s.
  4. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I read it when I was 15 and absolutely hated it. I don't know if I've ever hated another book as much. I get tense just thinking about it.
  5. Roseanne Barr's standup comedy. I was shocked when I finally got around to watching her old standup appearances, and saw how lame they were. In her books, she describes her material as being edgy and confrontational and completely off the wall. It's all corny battle of the sexes and fat jokes. She's also complained about how she hated the first scripts written for Roseanne, and that the writer's didn't 'get' her. It would make sense if they were terrible because they were likely based off her standup.
  6. The writers said that the idea was the characters were distracted by sex and drugs, and therefore weren't aware that they were in danger, making them more vulnerable. John Carpenter said the same thing about the characters in Halloween. They people involved in the films were perplexed that anyone thought they were condemning the victims. I suppose that logic is still moralistic though.
  7. They definitely established the relationship in the second film, but even the writers and producers knew it didn't make sense. They assumed nobody would care, and I don't fans ever did. I think his identity should have been ambiguous.
  8. What if the character 'Jason Voorhees' wasn't Jason Voorhees at all. What if he was just a maniac that happened to be living in the woods on Camp Crystal Lake, who people mistakenly thought was the son of Mrs. Voorhees? It would make more sense, because Pamela Voorhees's entire motive was that her son had drowned due to the negligence of his camp counselors. Fans have theorized that Mrs. Voorhees was motivated simply by his almost having drowned. Or that Jason had survived without her knowing and was living in the woods for 22 years without them ever bumping into each other. Those theories don't hold water with me.
  9. I have reoccurring dreams about being in antique stores or thrift shops and finding something I've always wanted that's hard to find, and then realizing its some kind of knockoff of whatever it is I thought it was, and is therefore worthless.
  10. Taylor Swift. She can't sing that well, all her songs sound vaguely like ripoffs of other songs, all her lyrics are cliches. She's the Shania Twain of her generation. Critics love her, she's the only artist in this day and age that can actually sell albums outside of Adele. I don't get it.
  11. Today was my birthday. I remember posting on here at this same time of day exactly a year ago. I feel better today this year than I did last. It seems like every other birthday I feel lonely and melancholy. Today I have thankfully felt relatively at peace.
  12. Did teenagers in the 80s really hang posters diagonally the way they do in 80s movies and sitcoms? I was watching A Nightmare On Elm Street 2, and the kids' rooms are plastered with posters hung on a slant. I've also noticed how they always choose posters of artists that aren't anything like each other. Tina Turner being hung up next to Hanoi Rocks for example. I also noticed that one character had that bedspread with the grid pattern with the red border and geometric shapes on it that DJ had on Full House and Kevin had in Home Alone.
  13. Great Expectation. It's the first time I will be reading a Charles Dickens book. I am relieved to have finally finished A Harlot High And Low. Reading that was an ordeal.
  14. Is suntanning without sunscreen politically incorrect? A replica of Malibu Barbie released in 2002 included a bottle of suntan lotion that the original doll in 1971 didn't have, because it was considered politically incorrect for her to tan without it in 2002. What does suntan lotion have to do with political correctness?
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