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  1. SqueezeWax

    Pick a new name for yourself each day

    Lukasz Konopka Jr.
  2. SqueezeWax

    What Really Bugs You #8

    How at my art school the professors insist on having creative input on your projects. They all expect me to design something Marie Antoinette would have worn if she were a Japanese cyberpunk.
  3. SqueezeWax

    What do you miss from your childhood?

    I’ve been in college over ten years and have not yet attained even one degree. I didn’t realize I may end up not knowing what I want to do with my life. A lot of time and money has been wasted on an education in a field I long ago lost interest in. As a kid I got the idea that a college degree was some kind of proof that you are not a loser. It seems futile now, because I don’t think any amount of education can make someone smarter or ‘better’.
  4. SqueezeWax

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    Tunerville Trolley by The Electric Prunes
  5. SqueezeWax

    What do you miss from your childhood?

    Believing that all I had to do was go to was go to college and work hard and I would end up successful and happy. Because I live in America and we’re all created equal and all you have to do is try and you could be anything and anyone you want to.
  6. SqueezeWax

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I feel worn out and mildly depressed. I had to go back to school today. I’ve been at this place for exactly 9 years now. I realized during my first semester that I wasn’t exactly in love with fashion design. In all this time I have not found a single aspect of the fashion design process I enjoy or have shown any talent for. If I sucked but loved it anyway, and had any genuine passion for the industry it would make all the difference. I realized that what most separates me from everyone else involved in this major is that I don’t have any enthusiasm for what I’m doing. The great majority of students I’ve worked alongside do have raw talent and ability. It’s that the fact that this is what they love doing that I think makes the biggest difference. I don’t know what else to do with myself, though. I don’t have much longer to go before I finally could get this goddamn degree, I owe it to my father to see it to the end, and a lot of time and a lot of money has already been invested in it. It is far too late to turn back now. I guess even if I have to mop floors for the rest of my life I could say I have this goddamn degree. I would be perfectly happy mopping floors for the rest of my life in a place I love like New Orleans or somewhere else beautiful. All I want is to live independently and in a place I love.
  7. SqueezeWax

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    This Wheels On Fire by Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
  8. “I wish I didn’t care. I wish I never met him” - Out In The Streets by The Shangri-Las This is how I feel about my psychologist.
  9. I don’t understand why someone who is gifted like he is and has been able to achieve what he has on the basis of his intelligence and ambition cares about a god anyway. He has everything anyone on earth anyone would want. If there are some things that are imperfect about his life, they would be well compesensated for by what he does have. I guess he wants to know an afterlife would be good for him too. I have a vision of him eventually kicking me, one of the weak and humble, onto the front steps of a church.
  10. SqueezeWax

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    I Will Follow Him - Little Peggy March
  11. Girls Town (1959) - This is a very campy juvenile delinquent film which is b-movie all the way but somehow got a release from MGM. According to a YouTube commentator, it was even something of a hit. Mamie Van Doreen looks magnificent and is brillianty bad in the starring role.
  12. SqueezeWax

    *Favorite Quotes* 8-]]

    “Gavin, don’t you already have this game?” “No, mom, you idiot! I have Bloodstorm and Bonesquad and Bloodstorm 2, stupid!” -The Simpson’s episode 139
  13. SqueezeWax

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    Baby Blue by 13th Floor Elevators
  14. SqueezeWax

    Favorite Cartoon Character(s) 8-]]

    Peggy Hill comes to mind.
  15. SqueezeWax

    What is your zodiac sign?

    I hate the Zodiac, partly because I hate the idea of my personality being predetermined and imposed on me, and also because I was born under what seems to be widely considered the most boring sign of all.