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  1. I only have an interest in instrumental pop these days, like Martin Denny and Esquivel, or surf rock like The Ventures and d**k Dale, and even Herb Alpert. Anything with vocals doesn't hold my attention anymore.
  2. Candyman (1992) This was the very first horror film I ever saw, when I was about 5 years old after it first came out on VHS, and my older brother and his best friend watched it on repeat. We chanted "Candyman" into the mirror to see what would happen. I last time I saw it was over 15 years ago, and I forgot about half of what happens in the film. It is heavily reminiscent of the Nightmare On Elm Street films, at least the positive aspects of those films. It's approach 'broader' than I remembered, but not as campy as the NOES movies. I love Virginia Madsen, and think she should have become a bigger star.
  3. I forgot that I did see her a couple of times of 8 Simple Rules, and the sight of her playing a run of the mill, white bread sitcom mom completely unlike Peg Bundy was surreal.
  4. She Says She Didn't Do It/Violation Of Trust (1991) Things were always being 'violated' or 'shattered' in 90s made for TV movies. This is the only time I've seen Katey Sagal in anything but Married With Children, and she and most of the cast give very good performances. It's yet another teenage m*rder story, and the mystery involved is at first interesting. It eventually devolves into a pretty stupid, contrived Agatha Christie-type mess in the end. The story is also another instance in which teens involved (or seemingly involved) in someones d*ath could have avoided a whole lot of trouble if they had simply told the truth from the beginning.
  5. Sixteen Candles. I absolutely despise that movie. Molly Ringwald is at her most petulant and unlikeable. Why would anyone give a damn about what happens to her? The depiction of the Chinese boy is not only racist but gratingly unfunny. You can tell John Hughes gets a huge kick out of his own work.
  6. Why do people on ebay waste their time by selling things without disclosing that they are damaged or defective? The buyers are going to realize that once they get it and will ask for a refund.
  7. A Ki**ing In A Small Town (1990) This is a better than average TV movie about a very grisly m*rder that took place in Texas in 1980. I was quite impressed by Barbra Hershey's performance, for which she won an Emmy award. The only other thing I've ever seen her in was the dreadful Beaches, so my expectations were low. The movie is based on a book Joe Bob Briggs wrote under a pseudonym. The case involved the use of hypnotism to shake loose memories from the perpetrator, which was quite interesting.
  8. I hate how high school teachers in movies are always portrayed as if they are Ivy League professors. None of my teachers ever wore suits and ties to class and had heavy philosophical discussions with the students.
  9. My sister wore the jeans-under-dress look in 2000-2001, and I could never grasp why she thought that was a good look. To her, there was no way to look hipper.
  10. Are all canned and bottled iced or cold brew coffees terrible? Every one I have tried has been.
  11. I like it when sitcom characters repeat word for word what someone is saying to them over the phone.
  12. I think about this all the time. For the most part, my desire to live in a different era is entirely motivated by pop culture and fashion and aesthetics. I would like to have lived between 1950-1983. I would loved to have been a teen in the 60s and an adult in the 70s-early 80s. Besides not having as much interest in the later half of the decade, I hate the 80s politically and wouldn't want to live too far into them. I would be willing to have died at the age of 33 if it meant I could have experienced the 60s and 70s. I know, though, that if I were born the same person, only at a different time, I likely wouldn't have been any happier. I also would have hated contemporary pop culture, and wished it were the 1930s and 40s instead. Sometimes I simply wished I was old enough to remember better what the world was like before the internet took it over. My family got online in 1999 when I was 10 years old. I barely recall what life was like before then.
  13. The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Texas Cheerleader M***ering Mom (1993) I liked it, but wasn't blown away. I've been wanting to see this for 15 years. I only got around to it after seeing the TV movie about the same subject starring Lesley Ann Warren from '92 a few days ago. This was ranked as being the second best TV movie of all time by some popular magazine or other, and Holly Hunter who stars won an Emmy. Holly Hunter is the entire reason to watch this. I think To D*e For, the Nicole Kidman true crime dark comedy, borrowed a lot from this film but was better.
  14. The Clue Of The Black Flower, an entry in the Dana Girls Mystery Stories, an also-ran detective series meant to rival Nancy Drew. I'm learning a lot of interesting things about the art of artificial flower making.
  15. The Sweet Hereafter (1997) It was critically heralded upon its release in '97, and was nominated for an Oscar. I liked it better than the book. The cast gives stellar performances. Sarah Polley's is one of the most impressive I've ever seen from a teenager. It's like What's Eating Gilbert Grape? with a dash of Fargo, with a gorgeously dreamy stylized look reminiscent of Gregg Arakki's Mysterious Skin.
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