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  1. Suzanne Somers singing a broadway tune called Take Back Your Mink, interspersed with a dramatic monologue about a violent incident involving her alcoholic father and a tennis racket when she was a little girl. It has to be seen to be believed. I can't fathom what she was thinking. I've watched it five times.
  2. I've been going to this school on and off for eight years, I am finally on my final semester, and still can't comprehend how nonchalant other students are about this experience. I've always found it to be intensely demanding and time consuming. This is something everyone else there squeezes in between work and going to parties and festivals.
  3. Terri was my favorite of the blondes, and my favorite Threes Company character period [the others being Mr. Furley and Larry]. Most fans don't seem to like her. I like Cindy too, even if she could be a bit grating at times. Jennilee Harrisson had practically no acting experience when she was cast, and I think it's far harder to do this kind of comedy than anyone would expect. Suzanne Somers was brilliant in her role, and the writers credited her as truly creating the Chrissy character. Season 4 was also the year Lana appeared. I think Ann Wedgeworth was smashing. I think she would have made a great reoccurring guest star. It's a shame the writers didn't consider that. She didn't quite work as a regular, as the writers soon discovered. They gave her nothing to do but chase around Jack.
  4. I'm dreading my fashion runway classes field trip tomorrow, the first of many to come. I've always felt excruciatingly uncomfortable milling around with a bunch of people I don't like and don't talk to.
  5. Three's Company Season 4. Fans insist John Ritter was the most important cast member, but Suzanne Somers ran away with the show this year. I can see why she demanded that raise the following year.
  6. People should give their children everything they want all the time. Just do it. Life is short.
  7. I'm frustrated on the verge of becoming resigned. I saw my psychologist again today and spent the first half of the session talking about how there is probably nothing I could say to him regarding my reluctance to go through with my speech class that he hasn't heard before. Essentially that he has made up his mind on the matter and nothing will sway him; that taking this class is absolutely vital to my recovery. He seemed put off or disappointed that I wasn't yet any more optimistic about my chances of completing it without being driven to do something destructive than I was before. I then spent most of the second half telling him that he was entirely right about everything, I understood his perspective 100%, and that the problem was me, not him. He was greatly heartened, and ended by beamingly proclaiming that I was moving in the right direction. While I do genuinely feel he is right to an extent, I mostly didn't want him to lose faith in me. I don't know how I feel now. I hate that I have to go through with this experience, I do fear I will do something impulsive, but I do understand his rationale.
  8. Various political speeches circa 1900-1920, for my oral expressions class. I have to choose one to recite from next week that will sound natural 'to my voice'. This is pure torture, especially since most of the speeches come from either an extreme left or and extreme right point of view. I hate all of it. I hate politics and the billions of ways it categorizes and dehumanizes you.
  9. Quote


    Worth mentioning here that I totally agree with Squeeze's assessment and identification of himself as a "person" first, and everything else after.  In the perfect world, this is what everyone seems to be after, judgement based on individual traits and values.  "Gender" identifiers will lament that, that is simply not how it is;  people will identify you with the groups and belief systems you espouse, and not how you act or react.  Gender self identity is thinking itself into oblivion at this point.  Are you "gay" hungry, or just hungry?  Is your rage a "homosexual" rage, or just rage with a gender bias tacked on?  Mr. Wax has exactly the correct response to the question of who he is. 

  10. I've been deeply irritable ever since I received the syllabus two days ago for the speech class I need to take this semester. I hate that I have to be put through this torment for the next three and a half months. It's making me hate everybody and everything. Every twenty minutes something causes me to have a tantrum.
  11. The Patty Duke Show Season 2. Patty is rather smug and unlikable, and Cathy rarely plays any important part within the stories. She is largely inconsequential. This season at least does not play off the fact that Patty and Cathy are identical at all, so the concept was pointless. Plus the girls wield an unrealistic amount of influence over adults. I still like the show and want to see season 3.
  12. He has the best intentions. He sees this class as a kind of extension of our therapy. He has been trying to drill into me that I can't avoid doing things just because I'm afraid to. He wants me to see myself through this so I can prove to myself that I don't have to be afraid of exposing myself, and letting other people make judgements. He just can't quite grasp why I don't think it's a good idea for me to take this class. Before I began working with him, I dropped out for four semesters because I felt too overwhelmed and was suicidal. I don't want to fail to graduate at the last minute if I f**k this up by doing something impulsive.
  13. How I could strangle my psychologist. I finally received the syllabus to the speech class I need to take this semester, which is my last. I wasn't meant to, but he refused to sign the waiver excusing me from it.
  14. The impression I get is that they would find it far more satisfying to decry how nothing ever goes their way. Though if it does they'll still get to agonize over how no one will properly acknowledge their victory.
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