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  1. Has anyone here ever worn something, and then brought it back for a refund? They do it all the time in old sitcoms, but I've never known anyone to buy something they planned to only wear once and then return.
  2. I just watched a movie I hate, Jodi Foster's Home For The Holidays. 'Ugh' is the best word to describe it. I had seen it before and thought it was dreadful, but I didn't feel like watching any of the holiday movies I do like yet.
  3. I thought maybe it was because noses supposedly grow as you age.
  4. I don't understand why celebrities bother to get nose jobs years and years after everyone has known them with the one they were born with.
  5. They weren't being unkind exactly. I've known people to be far meaner behind 'friend's' backs. It wasn't a 'sad face' situation. It was kind of bizarre is all. Today in my other class, I saw the opposite happen. A kid starting talking about how extremely helpful someone else in class had been to them all semester. I hadn't seen the two exchange more than a few perfunctory words to each other in the past three months. I thought I sensed that tension that seems to inexplicably exists between gay guys who don't know each other well. They were yukking it up today.
  6. I overheard two kids talking about another one in my class who I had the impression they were good friends with. They were joking about what an odd guy he was, and how they're not even sure what name to call him by. It's strange to me especially how people my age (given my theory that all Millennials and Generation Zs have social anxiety) can give the impression they're the best of friends when they hardly know one another.
  7. I don't have to debate. The teacher wasn't upset with me. He said I could simply read my speech. Then it's all over.
  8. All I want is to be spared having to endure this debate, which is the final assignment. I've come to feel an irrational amount of animosity towards this class, and I don't want to be put in a position where I'm made to 'compete' with another student. I don't know what to tell this guy. He thinks I simply suffer from stage fright. I don't want to end up doing something else destructive and being hospitalized. It was hard enough on my father to learn what I did on Monday. I know I am responsible for my actions. I have been trying teach myself that I have a choice, but in my worst moments I don't care about consequences. They don't matter. All I want is to scream and shout or break things or cut myself.
  9. I ran out of class Monday night. I was giving an introduction to a speech and struggled once again to string together a coherent sentence. The speech itself went alright. I was so frustrated that I was practically shouting it the further I went along. A certain kid in the class I can't stand was laying with his head on his arms the entire time. I was livid. I can't describe here what I wished I could have done to him. After I finished I grabbed my bag and coat and flew out of there, cut at my throat with a pushpin, and called my therapist. I screamed all kinds of threats towards the class to him at a Barnes and Noble a block away. I told him I refused to take part in the final next week which is a debate. I saw him the next day and he wrote a note for the instructor explaining how I was feeling the past few weeks. I emailed the teacher and told him I would read the speech we are required to write for it and nothing more. He hasn't responded to me.
  10. Do country singers ever come from big towns where nobody knows each other?
  11. I hate most biopics because I can't tolerate even the slightest inaccuracy when it comes to a real persons life story. I make an exception for biopics from the Hollywood Golden Age. Everything was so stylized and artificial then anyway (in a good way) that I don't mind if artistic license is taken.
  12. Heart Of Stone by Cher This is another semi-obscure pop song I would have thought would have been recorded by a ton of other artists since its release. Its good enough that I imagine a lot of other people would have tried to make a bigger hit of it. Although Cher's recording did hit the top 20 in the U.S., which isn't bad.
  13. I've bought about $70 worth of records over the past week, and have been dosing myself with coffee three times a day trying to lift myself out of the depression I've been in. I'm not sure what is causing it. I thought maybe it has been a response to taking Clonodine again after being off it for a couple of weeks. Now I wonder if it's because I fear graduating in a few weeks (if I don't bomb my speech final at the last minute, or not show up for it at all). I don't know what I'll be doing with myself after 8 years of being in and out of school. (give a dime to a Salvation Army representative in front of Walgreens in lieu of 'sad' faces in response to this comment)
  14. The Ventures take on Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. I hate that they included a 'spooky' sounding track entitled Ebenezer more suitable for Halloween on an otherwise fabulous Christmas-festive record!
  15. I was without Clonodine for a couple of weeks, and began taking it again last week. Around the same time I’ve begun to get very depressed when I have to go to bed. This was a problem I had about 5 or 6 years ago. I used to get depressed when I had to sleep because it felt like I was dying. I wasn’t taking Clonodine then. I’ve also been waking up earlier than usual, and waking up in the middle of the night with panicked thoughts over schoolwork, or because I was having a bad dream. Those are probably typical symptoms of Clonodine, but I don’t think it explains the weird bedtime depression. I’m not afraid of having nightmares. I don’t know what it is.
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