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  1. I honestly thought of the effect junk food could be having on my physical appearance to encourage myself to eat better. I’ve always been underweight, but I have bad, oily skin, my teeth started to decay when I was in high school, and I’ve had dark circles under my eyes since I was in grammar school, possibly because I never ate properly. I weaned myself off cakes, cookies, potato chips, etc. a few years ago by substituting them with peanut butter on rice cakes or green apples (since they have a lower glycemic index), low-sugar protein bars, and low-sugar yogurt (although high in fat). I was eating sugar free candies, but stopped since they’re essentially laxatives. I still struggle sometimes to avoid white flower. There are a lot of white breads and crackers in my household, and when there’s nothing else I often end up eating them.
  2. Stay By Me - Annie Lennox This is my favorite Annie Lennox song of her solo work, and it was the only one on her debut not to be given a video.
  3. I worked at Kohl’s from 2014 up until February of last year, and the psychiatrist I was working with at the time provided a note explaining that I had social anxiety, and some accommodations would need to be made. I don’t remember specifically what it said. I would be called to work the register several times a shift, although I wasn’t a ‘Point Of Sale’ associate because it was almost always busy. Honestly, I wasn’t very vocal about the fact that it was extremely difficult for me, which was in part because I was uncomfortable discussing it with the management. The few times I did speak about it, they assured me they’d made sure I wouldn’t be asked again, but inevitably I would be. By the last two months I was there, I became so frustrated I stopped responding to them entirely whenever they asked. I eventually walked out one day and never returned. Although I’d been there for a few years, and the managers and my coworkers were all pleasant people, I couldn’t stand the tension of interacting with the customers and being surrounded by them all day. Anyway, I too would definitely recommend you ask your doctor to write a more specific note. I regret quitting that job now—although it was tediously boring and stressful at the same time—and I wish I would have thought of doing the same.
  4. Daria. It seemed impossibly edgy and hip when I was 10 years old, but I get second hand embarrassment watching it now. It’s of its time in the worst possible way.
  5. Does anyone else listen to Curve? They are the only shoegaze band I’ve held a longterm interest in. Partly because they’re a bit ‘industrial’, and harder edged than most shoegaze. And Toni Halliday is one of the most beautiful people on earth. I don’t think they were even especially popular in the U.K., after their first few singles at least. The new wave group The Motels are another under-appreciated band I love. I haven’t yet listened to their newer work, but I love their original run of albums. Also, I bought the Industrial Accident Wax Trax retrospective last week (after I failed to get The record store day version in time with Ministry tickets), and I had no idea Psychic TV or any of that crowd was on Wax Trax before I read the liner notes.
  6. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about with the Halloween reboot. I instantly forgot about it the minute I left the theatre. I still think about all kinds of silly things in Halloween 5, or part 2 or 3.
  7. I miss not being desensitized to horror films. It’s hard for me to fathom that I once thought Friday The 13th was scary to the point of turning it off halfway through. Movies like Mulholland Drive are more unsettling to me now.
  8. Shag (1989) The early ‘60s setting is fun, but the movie is willfully predictable, and it’s boring watching a story play out exactly as you’d expect it to.
  9. New Years Evil (1980) It’s strangely dull, even compared to other slasher films from the time that are much slower and with much less violence.
  10. I’m reading Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie. I always fall back on her or Stephen King when I don’t know what to read next. I realized I don’t really care who the culprit turns out to be in her stories, though, so there’s no real suspense. The crimes are also so overly intricate that they become silly, especially when characters fake their deaths.
  11. K*****g Spree (1987) It is so cheap, crude, tacky and stupid it verges on being a surreal art film.
  12. A comment made by my psychologist yesterday is still making me laugh. He was talking about how guarded I was during our first sessions, and that he imagined it was on account of how intimidating he is. I had no idea what he was talking about. I respect admire and respect him a great deal, but I never found him to be particularly intimidating. I have noticed that he does have a cocky streak, though.
  13. Nine months is supposedly the standard, but I’ve never seen a therapist with the understanding that we would wrap up by any particular time,
  14. Any of the dramatic moments on Three’s Company and The Golden Girls are unintentionally hilarious as well.
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