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  1. Newbie here

    Hello Myles! It is good that you too the step to pop in. I came on tonight to show my son who is 27 that this is a great site to plug into. He to struggles with soome of the challenges do. It is difficult as a mom who herself battles my own depression to watch him going through a newer type of anxiety and deeper depression. I hope he too reaches out to connect so he can have connections with those who understand these emotions and feelings we can not control on our own at times. Hope to hear more from you Myles.
  2. My doctor is adding fluoxotine (generic Prozac) slowly (5mg) to my 20 mg. dose of Paroxidine (generic Paxil), due to fast metabloizing of the Paroxidine. The goal is to slowly build up to Fluoxitine to 10 mg. then slowly crossover to the Fluoxotine dose needed , and eventually off of the Paroxidine. Has any one else had this switch? Did it curb the Paxil withdrawals while helping the depression and anxiety-which is why I was on the Paxil (I had tried a few other AD's that didn't help the both together)?
  3. Inside a bubble-are you still reading the posts to you? Are you doing okay?
  4. Hey I'm new

    K_sss I hope you are out there doing better and checking in here now and then reading some of the responses to your post. Perhaps it may seem that some of the comments made are not directly related to your original topic; but the dialogue is indirectly encompassing the human minds depression, oppression, sadness, discontentment, confusion about life; and all the frustrations that go along with these emotions. I thought I might share a bit about myself to you and how I even came to be responding to your post. I am a middle aged woman who battles with chemical-clinical depression. The day I responded I had decided that after several days of feeling such a heaviness of gloom; and wondering if my medicine had 'pooped out' that I went on line to research others' experience with it. My search led me to this site. I think I saw your title of 'being new' and thought "I'm new here too, so let's take a look at what is going on or how this person is feeling.' I began reading and thought, 'I remember those feelings when I was younger. Hmmm.. I still I have those feelings now and again-even today.' I felt a sad heaviness for you. I wondered how I had even survived all of these years without being where I am now in my belief system about myself. I smile as I write that now, because I think I am pretty special now. That is not vanity either. I had to learn how to love and appreciate myself. I realized I had survived through my own 'specialty' of being me. I am creative; and found a way around my issues before my diagnosis; and after my treatment plan. You are special too. Life and its experiences will teach you how to use your gifts even when they seem to lay dormant. In those times you will begin to see inside the true you; and learn how to embrace who you truly are. I could write more; as writing is very therapeutic for me. But I would not want to overwhelm you or others with my journey for there to here just yet. : )
  5. Hey I'm new

    sicofsociety you are right that is seems that society sets up our existance-or seems to I should say. But ultimately 'we' do have a freewill to choose our own path; whether within or without societies patterns. You also bring up a good topic that makes a good point. Maybe some of the depression many go through is from that inability to try to fit into a worldly mold pattern-that they can't and don't want to fit in. Perhaps we as a culture have lost our zeal to be who we are; instead of 'wanabees'. What would happen to each of us if we just wol up and did what we felt in our sould so do and be? How many 'ughs' about getting up do we each have? How many of those 'ughs' are something we can change but are afraid to for fear of not fitting in or looking good. Your existance is not laid out for you or us. It is there is we are too fearful to choose our own way-then we deal with the outcomes of those wrong choices which make it more difficult to move forward in our own being. I think about these things too. K_sss I am wondering if you are still out there reading these posts.
  6. HI. I don't think you should delete your post. This might be a good place to get some feedback about your social anxiety and and apparrent self esteem struggles. I would like to offer you this wonderful chunk of fact and some advice . Fact: "If you are a believer you are still a sinner, but are covered with the righteousness of Jesus. Therefore his love and spirit reigns in your heart and soul already. But keep in mind that those in church are also sinners. Some and hopefully mostly are believers that each have their own struggles and from past and present. None are any better than you or you than them-ever. Vanity just makes people think they are better than another. Going to church is for believers to grow in their faith and have true fellowship with other believers. It is also a place where believers help one another. However, if you are not in church it is not a sin or wrong act so do not feel bad if you are not in a church and just spend time in reading the word and having some rich time in prayer for direction of church and acceptance of who you are. If you feel there is a need for change ask for His direction, guidance, strength and patience to get their and follow through-no matter how long it takes." Your post doesn't elaberate on your actual circumstances; but it sounds as though you have some self esteem issues that carry over into an existing social phobia and other fears. Does your mother also have these anxieties.
  7. Just curious drb55 if you are taking any thyroid meds. Also..are you eating healthy or under a lot of stress. All three can contribute to hair loss.
  8. Goodbye Paxil - Well, ...we Shall See

    Gentle Sun, I have been reading all of your posts of withdrawal. Your last post was in November which you had said your had returned to the 45 mg. level but had been experiencing depression again. I hope you are feeling somewhat better. I too take Paxil and have been through nightmarish withdrawals in the past. The goal was always to get off of it-as I 'didn't need it'. Once off I was always sick and hated how I felt each day-so did my family who lived with me. I tried a couple of other AD's in hopes of less weight gain and easier withdrawals if I wanted to come off of them. Unfortunately I never felt as well as when on the Paxil. So I chose to return to it a year and a half ago. Unfortunately since going through menopause; returning to the Paxil alone has not been such a good fit, so I have to use other nutrients and hormone augmenting to improve my well being. I am still a work in progress, and have some very blah days. But the Paxil does keep me level and above the very dark hole I have experienced. On a side note-you mentioned seeing a kitten during your withdrawals. Coming off of the Paxil can cause weird visions or seeing things in a strange way with strange thoughts. Some I understand even feel that they are outside of their body. But regardless I will tell you 'all' AD's do have some sort of W/D symptoms. Some may just be us returning to our old chemistry and some may just be passing W/D's. Anyways I thought I would check in with you to let you know someone else was following your healing and was passing some encouragement to you. Stay strong and hopeful.
  9. My Journey On Lexapro

    I noticed that there have been no updates since mid november. Now being mid February, I am wondering where you are in your progress or lack of progress with the Lexapro. I also take Lexapro and have battled with the anxiety peice, but would rather not go into it unless you are still following your own post and replies.