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  1. I hope you are feeling better and also in the process of finding a knowledgable and compassionate medical doctor or psychiatrist. Blessings
  2. At least you were able to augment you abilify with an ssri that is working. That is a great thing from the ER. So that says you really might need a new doctor. But yes doctors do over book and have policies that often put patients on the back burner. It is the one reason I hate taking meds. I feel as though my life is at the mercy of the doctors. I myself battle with clinical depression and have been blessed with an awesome doctor that supports me like a sister. But.... I also have ssri treatment resistance and am having to return to Paxil as it is the only med that works well. However, I am terrified to because if I loose this doctor for some reason and can't get my script filled I am in for a major withdrawal nightmare.
  3. Franken Floor2017 is making a good point. I would myself talk to the doctor about the possibility of a guided dose drop. Going up to 30 mgs so quickly on lexapro is a very extreme titration in my opinion. As I said in my original post it is a strong medication with double the doses in comparison to most other ssris. Also for some of us it does not help with physical anxiety and only exasperates it. It is better to make the changes earlier then later to avpid uncomfortable weaning or withdrawing side effects. At least you feel more refreshwd in the wakeup mode. Best of treatment luck.
  4. Hi. I am returning to Paxil after nearly two years of trying other meds with no comparible positive outcomes. Only complaint is weight gain. But surely this can be contolled-right?? Comments please on your success and remedy for that tummy bulge if it happens to you.
  5. Why do you want to come off so soon? Is it helping the symptoms you were prescibed the medicine for? Why did you go up ton30 mgs. So fast. 30 mgs. Is equivilent to 60 mgs. Of paxil. Studies show there is no proven data that 30 is better so why not just stay at the lower dose and see how that worked for a few weeks before increasing? I can never understand why doctors think titratingbto a higher dose before the lower dose begins to help is a good thing. Early side effects can dimish. Most SSRIs do effect libido some. Maybe just give it time if ypu ate happy other wise.
  6. Karolina 1 have you considered gene testing for a med compatability? It really does help to understand how our own system is processing these meds and why we may have an issue with side effects or even early withdrawals. I took the prozac to bridge off off paxil last year. It was a nightmare because the prozac addition worsened it. I know that now because the gene test showed that due to low setum levels and its long half life I should Not take that one as I would have severe side effects. Even later when off of the paxil quite a while I tried it at 5 and 10 mgs. I was incredibly irritable and wound all the time. Also, half lives do have a lot to do with they anxiety returning as it creates an early type of withdrawal if it has a shorter half life. Unfortunately for me the paxil is a shorter half life but they do have a time release I have considered. But it imay be my only hope for peace in my system for a while on a lower dose. As for me the escitalopram is aweful. I am presently only on 5mgs.with benzos as said above. Its hit or miss and life circumstances definitely don't help. Hang in there.
  7. Hi. Chiming in as I am right there with you Strangebird. I think though if you read through enough AD reviews as I have you will find that each AD does effect each person either for the good, bad, in between, or do nothing at all. Plus it seems to go the same with weaning and withdrawals. I really struggle myself with having to take meds and have very bad responses with regard to feeling well with most ssri's, accept Paxil for some reason. Its the only ssri that I have held a job on too. The kicker with that one is the weight gain in my tummy. So for the past year and half I weaned off of it with my doctor's help and tried several others; with either no relief from all my anxiety, panic and depression, or relief but irritability, or the great escitalapram temporary relief from depression but added anxiety and chest pain that requires a benzo As well as all of them but paxil keeping me captive with ocding about my wellbeing. My doctors in my pcp office gave up on me. So I see another in a wellness center who is aware of my medicine sensitivities as well as my genetics. In the end I have tried nearly all of the ssri's that a gene test suggested so as not to get side effects. I don't have the side effects those recomended but they don't help as well as the paxil. So here I am myself getting ready to see my doctor today with no idea of what to do accept return to a low dose of the paxil which the gene test says has moderate side effects ( I know why but its complicated for this note), as winter is coming and that makes things worse. However, I do have an upcoming appointment in November with a real psych specialist. So I am hopeful. Just try to understand that there really is no magic pill. The all do come with some side effect. But I am thinking at this point it really just matters if you / we who struggle feel better and are not uncomfortably debilitated with the side effects. In regards to weight gain that is why I stopped the paxil each time I did. But last night I visited a female family member with none of my issues and taking zero medicines but her tummy and weight is far worse then mine on medicine. So... Go figure. Good luck and I do recommend the gene testing for medicine side effects.
  8. Hi. This is a fairly old post. But let us know if you are still struggling. I am quite familiarcwith my own love/hate relationship with paxil.
  9. Paxil has been the very best AD for me ever. But.. I did gain sooooo much unwanted weight-especially in the stomache. I have done my own research too as well as gene test for psychotrophic meds. One thingvI know is that paxil inhibits a particular enzyme pathway to use another enzyme pathway. If that enzyme pathway is already functioning poorly as I found out mine is it causes toxicity on higher doses. I dont know if that relates to the weight gain or not. But it does create issues with the liver if that is the case which may contribute to thecweight gain. Just a theory of mine. I am have lost about 30 of the pounds I gained on it a few year back and stopped its last weaned dose nearly a year ago. I miss the wellness I felt from it and after trying so many other meds I am almost ready to take the weight versus loss of life quality.
  10. HI I am sorry that you are experiencing such a time with medication. I am glad you are getting therapy though. As in the previous reply we don't all respond the same to medications for various reasons. But I am certsin each reply you get will be one sent with empathy as we each have our story of on and off medication. I never took medication until I was 40. I did so for severe panic attacks that began to increase due to a painful family situation. Having never tried a medication I was not aware of what I might feel like on a medication. Strangely enough though I did feel some odd numbing of my emotions for several days; I felt calmer. After a while I just forgot about it and went on with my life without panick attacks. I never really thought about how the medication helped in other ways until I decided that the weight gain was more then I could stand.So I befan a slow weaning process. I had no idea I was going through withdrawals ever as I had never been on a medicine. Long story coming to close and summary. After coming of of the medicine I was back to the old panic Again. But after awhile I became depressed and irritable with my life. Apparently the medicine made me feel so well and good that never realized how awful I felt all those years. I did eventually go back on it and got well. But I can of a few more times and got too. I have since then tried different medications as well as done counseling. Each have kept me stable but not as stable as the first. It's been 18 years since I first started meds and have battled with my mind on whether I need them or not, switched due to them not helping as well or not liking the side effects. In the past year after going through several of the ADs my PCD have up on me. So I sought out a path to genetic testing . That has explained a lot of why my medications do not help or cause uncomfortable side effects. Presently I was on Ecitalopram (lexapro) which does help my MDD but not my panick Or other anxieties that prevent me from working or enjoying life as I had on my first medication. So have been cross tapering to a medicine I have not tried. I don't know if it is a good fit but I don't feel it is. The start up is fine with no side effects physically but I was feeling more depressed after the first week of reducing the escitalopram some and I do feel strangely irritable with strange dislikes toward family that I would not normally feel that way. My pharmacist thinks I might have dropped the Escitalpram too fast or that the new med is not really compatible with my genetics. So I increased my escitalopram back to 5mg and felt a little better. I skipped one say of the new med to see if that was causing the strange feelings toward my family. I felt great that day but that afternoon my no we and muscles felt like someone was crushing them. So apparently I wont have physical side effects starting the new med But I will have a terrible withdrawal. So my rambling is trying to say it can take a while of trial and error but awareness and great strength to push through it. As well as advocating for yourself to feel well. But remember if you find the best med as I have in the past there may be a side effect you can or can not live with. Oh.. My best med from the start give issues with weight because I have an enzyme that is defected already and the medicine inhibits that enzyme to use another enzyme. So the medicine does not clear as it should . so I need lower doses. Ps I have working on being more responsible for how I feel with how I think and process my thoughts. Hang in there.
  11. Thank you Jay89. That is interesting what you said about the capsule not dissolving. I take tablets of the time release. I am on day 7 but I have not had any increased anxiety. It does help with my obsessing over meds though. Yet I have been feeling more depressed and empty then when I started. I was on the 10mg of Escitalopram and have dropped 5 mg. Of that to start the 50mg of the genetic Pristique.
  12. Hi. I have the same issue with different ADs. This day 7 of a reduction of escitalopram and supplementing generic Pristique. I can't complain of physical symptoms as there are none. But I do feel empty and more depressed.
  13. I took the jump and began the bridge from escitalopram 10 to the desvenlafaxi generic pristiq. Taking 5mg escitalopram and 50 mg desvenlafaxi. As well as my clonazapram stable .25 am and .50 pm. Two days in and I feel sad and with bouts of tiredness and irritable feelings between escitalopram doses. Any support would be helpful.....
  14. Hi. I have been on an off of these forums. Sometimes sharing and gettingvadvice for withdrawals and other times seeking support to start a medication again. I do battle with major depression with no question of whether it Is real or not. My struggle has always been-as with most that 'choose' to use medical treatment- finding a medicine that is not magic but will keep my dark thoughts at bay as well as calm my anxiety and panic disorder without having my fear of meds interfere with the progress of a new medicine. Thats a lot... I know. Anyway I recently had a genetic test done to rule out the meds that work most likely cause uncomfortable side effects due to non functioning enzymes and genes. Though I have been on lexapro and am still it has always made me very edgy in the afternoon. Apparently that is Because I metabolize it to fast and need a higher dose. But another faulty gene causes me worse side effects if I increase in. Any way... The gene test shows that Pristique uses my healthy enzymes and is on the list of minimal to no side effects for 'me'. But though I began my crossover last night I can't stop my anxiety of waiting for a bad side effect because I foolishly read the reviews. Has any here ever had a good reaction with desvenlafaxime or Pristique that could set my anxious mind to ease. Please..... I know there are some that had bad. reactions to this or another med. But we are each different So It would help me to hear some positive encouragement about this medicine if there is any. I am usually an encourage... But now I need the encouragement. Thanks in advance.
  15. Just want to say thank you for all if the feedback to the original post. Each thought was helpful to me. I too have tried different ADs and also have anxiety with panic. I recently had a gene test for compatible medicine with my enzymes etc. Many of the recommended med were ones I have tried... But I have to admit I think my anxiety prevented me from ever getting to a therapeutic dose. With that being said I am presently on 10my Ecitalopram with clonazapram with not much for side effects and somewhat improved depression within a few weeks. But I do not take a theraputic dose of clonazapram in the day as was trying to wean off if it several no the ago and hit a bump so I stopped and stayed at .50 pm and .25 am. My gene tests revealed that pristique was a good choice with zero inhibitors of my faulty enzyme pathways. I am thinking of trying It as I have read more good then bad about it. I am hoping it helps my depression as well but the anxiety and panic better then the escitalopram so I can stop the clonaxapram one day.
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