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  1. I've managed to stay away from my the main 3 for quite awhile. Just recently I went back to twitter and thought, "ehh, I'll just for my movie and animals, nothing more". Then you can't help but getting sucked into the vortex of vitriol and negativity, politics. It seems like everyone has gone mad and with good reason(s) of their own. I am staying the hell away from all that insanity. I miss the 90s, no internet, no nothing, things really more simple, a much better vibe and the music was nowhere near as dark and negative as it is today. I wish I could say I feel sorry for the future generations, but I don't. They have to know it's bad and if they don't, well, no one else to blame but the parents. I'm only 40, but the world in 30-40 years from now is going to be a really scary (more polarized?) place
  2. Man I can completely relate to this post. Thanks for sharing. I hope things get better for you.
  3. I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad... I hate to be so simplistic with this and give you this advice because I hated hearing it when I lost my dog (who was the only one that gave me unconditional love)... time and acceptance. It's not going to be easy, but what has helped me a little bit lately (4 years later) is to start thinking along the lines of "this is the path that I was put on, these are the things I am supposed to experience". I'm not fully there myself, but it's SLOWLY creeping into my mind...again, FOUR YEARS later. I hope this helps in some way.
  4. Good luck Rose, I agree and very well said "a cross I have never had an interest in bearing..."
  5. I'm hoping we get into a nuclear war soon, simply because we don't deserve this beautiful world we live in. When I say "beautiful world" I mean all the natural things in it, the other species of animals (since we humans are animals afterall), the land, the waters, etc... We're destroying ourselves so slowly, it just doesn't make sense. I really don't get "life" and maybe we're not supposed to, but a world which seems to be dominated by hatred, conflict, more hatred, greed. Let's just get it over with already.
  6. This isn't even a joke, but I've been meaning to come to this forum through a different browser and save my login credentials onto the new browser. But I just didn't care to open the old browser, get the login details (password mainly) and open the new browser, but I finally did it. The simple reason is, I've been in a deep rut the past couple of months and the "S" word has been on my mind a whole lot, I just don't want to wake up anymore. Anyways, yeah, browser/password thing.
  7. Do you drive? If so, how about taking yourself out for a drive somewhere, anywhere really? I ended up going to a park, going for a walk and connecting with nature. It felt pretty good and I had left my phone in my car to "disconnect", not really from calls or texts because like you I don't get very many of those, but to prevent myself from surfing online on my phone. How about catching a movie by yourself? Actually did it a few weeks ago, felt good to keep my mind occupied. Diego's suggestion isn't bad either, maybe try to reconnect with your friends, start the spark see what happens. Maybe it'll work out for the better.
  8. *youtube link removed* what blows me away is between 1:09 and 2:33 It's just so crazy and cool, how can we honestly not think we aren't alone in this universe.
  9. Just go. You'll feel great. Fight that initial feeling that holds you off.
  10. Agreed 100%. Something has to give, why not positive vibes right. Great post Kabuto
  11. Watching some Mooji videos and Eckhart Tolle stuff, that's your ego talking, it's bruised, it needs to find out why, the ego craves to be liked. Otherwise, beat the ego down, tell it to get lost and it won't bother you anymore --- that's a lot easier said than done for sure.
  12. It sounds so "simple" and "easier said than done", but believe me, if I could do it, anyone else could. I literally told myself "if not now, when?"... I parked my car, went in, changed and that was that. Do it Evalynn.
  13. I'm starting to think and believe (because I think it so much) that everyone is insecure in their own way, in their own little world. Like Dolphin said and nailed it " all of those toned people in their crop tops have other anxieties that paralyze them in different ways" <-that is so true. You may have a feature some may girl may like, nose, hair, eyes, whatever. I recently met a fitness model at a bar, we were talking and she said she thought her nose was too big, I couldn't believe it because it looked perfectly fine. She was actually considering a nose job.. blew my mind. Again, Dolphin is right about people having paralyzing anxieties that we don't really know about or see. I have a few myself, so I force myself to look at people that way to "normalize" my surroundings for myself. I haven't been to the gym in 6 years and went for the first time 3 weeks ago. I remember one day as I drove up, I had this heavy feeling in my stomach, but I told myself, beat this feeling, go in, **** it and you'll break the barrier. So I did for 2 weeks straight, stopped about a week and a half ago after a session with my therapist - just felt like crap. But I feel it's a victory for me because in the 2 weeks, my body started feeling tighter and looked better than before. But I hope to go tomorrow.... you should do the same, gohit the gym, you'll feel better.
  14. Yeah, it really wouldn't lead to anything other than a quick satiation for yourself of wondering "why" or "I wish I didn't ask her", because it could be something or really nothing. It's honestly how you feel in the moment if you want to ask her or not, obviously. I would let it slide for a bit and see how it goes and if it still bothers the crap out of you, ask her if you get a chance alone. Just a simple "hey (name goes here), did I say or do something to offend you?"......."(her answer.........)".............you reply with "oh okay, because I just got this vibe and if I did, it wasn't intentional, I'm sorry (optional), bla bla bla" ---assuming it wasn't intentional. ;) lol
  15. I've struggled with the same thing for a few years on and off. The only way I have come to cope with it is, I tell myself that at some point, eventually, there will be a part of me that says "you have to get up sooner or later". I turn it into a small challenge where I battle the thought of getting up and tell myself, this is where I win this one........so I get up. I don't let the seconds drag into minutes and more minutes and then an hour or so. It's a very small step, but it breaks a boundary and it's that much further than the day before. Hope it makes sense, you're definitely not alone in this sort of behavior and thinking.....(plus being a male, I don't need to put on a bra I don't have...one less step :P ) But I hope you get the point, give yourself that little push, no matter how small, it's a good victory for you. Even if it's just to sit upright at the edge of your bed, do it. Admittedly (this should make you feel good), I failed last week twice, where I slept in two more hours after I initially woke up. I hated myself for it, but at the time, it felt good, so whatever. I'm back on track again sort of... the struggle is real. Hope you do it.
  16. Wish I could tell you why, but I can't. People are funny, including me. That's why I love animals (excluding the human species), animals just do things without thinking and live, whereas we humans "think" (too much).
  17. From what I've been reading and my understanding, there's something more to it than school. The school isn't what angers you really, it could be other things that you haven't addressed in your life. Like stupid things set me off and after few minutes I realize it wasn't that trivial thing that bothers me, it's unresolved stuff I haven't acknowledged or dealt with. Dig deeper. I hope you figure it out, anger is so self destructive.
  18. This is so dead on right. You nailed it
  19. Have you tried maybe volunteering at different places? Retirement home, animal shelter? Friend was in a similar situation to yours and she ended up walking dogs for a shelter and next thing you know, she's now an assistant vet technician. (5 years later, she found what made her happy)
  20. Breaks me inside to read your post, however, the first thing that came to my mind was Lizzie Velasquez. Look her up, a real inspiring person. If any of us could be half as strong as her, I'm pretty sure the world would be in a better place.
  21. How many of you do it? I know we shouldn't, it's not fair to us, to them (lol yeah right), but really to us. Yet I still find myself doing it, my ego is driven to want to be "that actor" "that cool guy" and we really shouldn't, it just puts us (me really) in a worse mood, makes me feel so useless and more importantly, worthless. It's that stupid ego that gets in the way of our lives. Anyone else do this? ie - I see Charles Hunnam and I think, man, I wish that was me.
  22. Like CoolCat said, you're only 25, it'll happen. Besides, not everyone has a bf/gf or significant other. I don't know what else to tell you without dashing your hopes or getting them up.
  23. If you cut yourself, you obviously have some things to work out. Tell them the truth and you may just get the help you need and want. If you lie you're not really helping yourself are you? It's a not that easy a decision for you, but for us to post on a board with replies it's easy. In the end, go with your gut, what do you feel you should do? a) get help and maybe stop this self inflicted pain b) lie, get out of there and do the same thing again? Good luck, hope you do the right thing for yourself.
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