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  1. A lot :( But thankfully is thoughts and nothing more.
  2. I'm sure there are people on here who have similar situations and experiences. I'm sure a lot of people would like to respond but sometimes there just shy or not confident about themselves. I know for me its social anxiety and I always worry I might say the wrong thing or offend someone. So sometimes I just keep quiet. But don't think you are worthless. You are not wothless, you are a human being, you are someone. Never give up on life, always try to remain strong. If you would like someone to talk to, I will make myself available to the best of my ability. We all have a reason for being here on this planet. I admit it, its very hard to find that reason and sometimes it seems like it doesn't exist. I know that after "waking up alive" I know that my purpose is to help out other people in life and try to help them find joy and happiness in theirs. Because I figure if I can't be happy then I will do my best to help others. My name is David and I would like to be your friend.
  3. They don't work for me either. I have a chemical sensitivity that anything strong I take just puts me to sleep. Or makes me sick. Hopefully one day I'll find something that works for me. But in the meantime I do what I can and find what brings me happiness. Maybe find a hobby or spend time with friends and family. Find what makes you happy and stick with it.
  4. Sleepy. Hard doing art at night, omly time inspiration hits.
  5. I am proud of finishing another piece of artwork today. I have to say art makes me happy in life. :) It is my anti-depressant. Drawing once again brings me the happiness that I lost so long ago. It's what keeps me going. It's what brings a smile to my face everyday.
  6. Depends on the situation and what I have on hand. I've tried sleeping pills myself but they don't seem to work very well. Might go back to trying a warm glass of milk before bed or exercise. If I can't sleep, then I try watching movies or something to keep my mind busy. But lately I've been getting back to art. Drawing late at night seems to help me. That's when I seem to do my best. :) I'd say experiment and try different things and see what works for you. Good luck. :)
  7. Hungover. Binged on food and alcohol last night. Having problems at work as usual. Not feeling great :(
  8. Right now? Pretty good to be honest. Getting my skills back with drawing. There still a little crude but I'm slowly improving. :)
  9. Had my first successful social anexity meeting today. Joined meetup.com to meet other people with S.A.D. in the Sacramento area. I admit, I didn't say much besides the standard greeting. But it was such a good feeling to get out and have the courage to do this. The whole time I was there I was scared to death. But I stuck with it and didn't run away. I will be more spoken next time out. But this is an important first step for me. Can't wait to take my second step. :)
  10. I'm proud that I'm getting back into drawing again. I missed it. It makes me happy.
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