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  1. Sufjan Stevens - "Casimir Pulaski Day" In the morning at the top of the stairs When your father found out what we did that night And you told me you were scared All the glory when you ran outside With your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied And you told me not to follow you Sunday night when I cleaned the house I found the card where you wrote it out With the pictures of your mother On the floor at the great divide With my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied I am crying in the bathroom
  2. Fishbone - "Sunless Saturday" I see the helpless and I see the insane I see a pauper singing in the pouring rain I see the means of help elude us again I think the sun will never visit me again
  3. The Contortionist - "Return to Earth" So keep on slipping 'til the end of the earth Like a ghost sinking into the ground Keep on slipping 'til the end of the earth Now that all these black clouds Keep on raining
  4. Black Crown Initiate - "Selves We Cannot Forgive" Hold on to hope forever Devote it all with sobbing eyes Love despite our wrathful nations And never shake the urge to die Imploding in all directions As my name is forgotten This broken worldly implication We will never be forgiven Living as the selves We cannot forgive Leaving for the selves We cannot forgive
  5. Further Seems Forever - "So Cold" Just remembered this song out of the blue. 2/3 of it is quite good. Shame about the chorus. I'd love to know what the f*ck they were thinking when they threw on all that autotune...
  6. Neverending White Lights & Matt Talbott - "First Days of Spring" Space became empty, I return to a place where nothing grew Stealing my way back just to see a face that we never knew Moving through softly, needing you awake more than anything I'll always have visions just before the first days of spring Feeling my way back just to see eyes, and you never die I'm cooling my jets down, this never goes away, I never realized Stealing my soul back, I loved you more than anything I'll always have visions of you Just before the first days of spring
  7. U2 - "Where the Streets Have No Name" I gotta learn how to play that bassline. It's so f*cking hype.
  8. Alanis Morissette - "Thank U" How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots?
  9. NBA 2K20. Mostly just been messing around with builds. I think I like the MyPlayer Builder more than the actual game... Also been a leveling up a glass-cleaning center on the Milwaukee Bucks. We win a ton of games because Giannis is such an unstoppable beast, but I never get any rebounds when I'm on the floor with him. Dude is OP. 😪
  10. Lloyd Cole - "What He Doesn't Know" I guess that if I told you now then I'd have nothing to lose Well I think of you 'Cause if I told you that I'd found another girl It wouldn't make it any easier, and what he doesn't know Won't hurt at all
  11. Bon Iver - "Re: Stacks" I've been twisting to the sun I needed to replace And the fountain in the front yard is rusted out All my love was down in a frozen ground There's a black crow sitting across from me His wiry legs are crossed He's dangling my keys, he even fakes a toss Whatever could it be that has brought me to this loss?
  12. Yusef Lateef - "Love Theme from Spartacus" For some reason, this has always sounded like autumn to me. I'm 99% sure I don't have synesthesia, but it's like I can hear the warm reds and oranges...
  13. Tyler Perry's Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Full game's free to play from today through the 21st, so I'm trying it out. First few hours have been pretty fun. A little overstuffed with crafting and currencies for my tastes, but that's games for you these days. Aiming weapons feels a little weird, so I'll have to play around with sensitivity so my reticle's not flying all over the place. Also I really need a new shirt to drop from one of these crates I keep getting keys for. I'm already sick of the flannel I picked at character creation.
  14. Alice in Chains & Elton John - "Black Gives Way to Blue" I don't wanna feel no more It's easier to keep fallin' Imitations are pale Emptiness all tomorrows, haunted by your ghost Lay down, black gives way to blue Lay down, I'll remember you
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