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  1. Bacon pizza, sliced pears and a cucumber lime gatorade.
  2. I take 12.5mg of Seroquel to help me sleep every night. I used to take 25mg, but I've cut it down. Hopefully one day I won't have to take anything to make me sleep.
  3. Laying bed, listening to chill music.
  4. Deposited a check. Exercised for two hours. Joined AHIMA and am now preparing to schedule an exam. Tomorrow, will try to wash all my work pants. Laundry has been neglected for awhile.
  5. Had sort of a crisis earlier this year. In the 4 months that ensued, I gained 20lbs. I did some leg exercises and 45 minutes of cardio. I now do at least an hour of exercise, almost everyday.
  6. Buttered popcorn flavored Mike and Ike's. I bought them for fun and I guess I kind of like them. It's weird.
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