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  1. Hi, everyone, my name's Rosie. I am 22 y.o. Well, I have regisered some time ago, but it's been hard for me to write anything here... I think some people might have struggled with the same issues... Anyway, a little about myself: I had a father who might've had a serious form of depression or something similar. I don't know for sure, because he died 8 years ago. My older brother has a depression for 4 years now (at least we hope it's depression, not schizophrenia). And recently I am in this state where I have no real person to support me, no job and no ambitions... I just... exist. It's also hard to admit for me that I might have a depression too. "Runs in a family" is actually a very scary phrase. I hope it's temporary, because I really want a normal happy life...
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