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  1. Broke my leg last week. Gosh, I so envy you people for being able to walk and run and jump and go outside... My temporary disability gives me an awesome reason just to rest and not do anything. But being depressed is even harder when you can't even go outside. Lying in bed watching movies makes me crazy already.
  2. 25 here. Same problem. But there are plenty of people of different ages and background who experience the same problem.
  3. Exactly! It has to be people. And yeah, for some of us (me included) it is hard to create good relationships, but nothing is more precious than sharing your life moments with a human being. I wish everyone to succed in that
  4. 1. Vacations with my family 2. My two best friends who are both married and away now (((( 3. Reading books on my old pocket computer half the night
  5. I'm thinking about why I keep coming here. I had many goals and ambitions and a year passed without any bad thoughts or relapses. Then, when I completed all the goals... Well, the emptiness returned, the apathy returned, the laziness, the inability to smile, the desire to hide away... It's hard to relapse after a year of a pretty good life, it's even harder to admit it... I'm thinking why I'm here and what to do next, can't find the answers though :(
  6. I feel like I need to talk to someone, to open up, to ask for help... But I have no strength to do it, no desire to crawl out of my denial. It's so comfortable here, pretending that everything's okay.
  7. My parents love to punish me with ignoring my existence. I feel so alone and abandoned...
  8. My mom cut off my long curly hair when I was 13. It was really short and people didn't like it very much, so since then I was terrified to try something new. But now I have few friends with really cool haircuts and they wear them with such confidence! I know it's hard to meet criticism if you have low self-esteem, but if you look in the mirror and like it (even if it scares you a bit), then f*** what others say. I love meeting brave people who abandon their boring hairstyles for something new and challenging. So go for it and own this new look! big hugs :)
  9. I feel ashamed that my depression got back. My folks never believed that depression was a real thing, and now when it's back they say I am not depressed, but weak and that I can't achieve anything. Now I want to go to sleep, reset the day and try to do better. Maybe tomorrow when the sun's up I will actually feel happier.
  10. Hate people who can say "you're ruining my life" and then pretend like nothing happened. That hurts.
  11. I feel really confused and a bit ashamed... I'm used to talking to people here, but recently I met a girl in real life who had the depression case similar to mine. And this made me feel happy... I was sorry for her, obviously, it's a terrible suffering, but also I felt happy to know another real human being who faced the same difficulties I faced. Like I was even hyped... This interaction made me struggle for a long time, and now I am just tired... Maybe I am just so lonely that meeting another desperate human being makes me feel better?..
  12. Desperate. I am looking at my watch and I practically feel time slipping through my fingers. Some people have already achieved something in their lives, and I just have no idea where this life is going. So, feeling pretty awful.
  13. Hate evenings because I'm always sad, tired and depressed. And then it's a morning - and I realize I have to go through this life again. Hate mornings.
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