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  1. It started when I was quite young, my mother was emotionally disrupt she was bipolar but always refused to acknowledge the fact that she was. My father was a wonderful men but unfortunately due do his work not really present at home. I also have an older brother that for me is like an alien yep! nothing whatsoever in common with him. So I spend my childhood raised by my mother who was flip flopping in her constant mood swing one day she was the best mother and the next someone that I would run away from. Also being ADHD, the way my mother was with me confused me enormously for a very long time. She was constantly telling me that I had a problem because I was ADHD, but also was convincing me not to take any medication, Yea go figure. I'm the one when I turn 18, who went to seek for help and was diagnose with ADHD at that time it was absolutely no surprise to me. I recently cut the rope toward a whole bunch of family members uncles, aunts, cousins and my brother as well ( mother and father are passed away ). I don't want to say that they are the cause of me being so anxious and at time depressed but their negativity and unwillingness to seek help for themselves doesn't jive at all with me. I always new that I was ADHD this is who I am I know that because of this I'm prone to be more anxious or depressed but at least I'm not putting my head in the sand and I'm ready to face the music and do anything in my power to live as happy as I can be.
  2. Just can't wait for the day at work to end, then go home and relax, relax and yep! relax more. God I wish I could take a long vacation like 365 days in a row. okidouki, time to wake up and go back to work.
  3. Hi samjh, Geez... I can definitely understand why you are being put on stress leave, how can anyone threatening you of being fired and suddenly tells you that you are a great asset enough to make you nuts. I know that what I'm about to tell you won't be easy but... if I were you I would stand my ground toward my superior and tell him/her I difficult it is to work when one minute you are being threatened of being fired and next you are being praise from being an asset. You need to let them know that it's not healthy for you to have to work never knowing what remark you are going to get and that it's very confusing to be told that you are an asset but then be threatened of being fired. Hope that your work situation improve or better that you find another job an work with peoples that will appreciate you as you deserve. Good luck
  4. Hi Everyone, I do worry about the future and what will happen to me. There's not a lot of peoples aside my new husband and my daughter that I trust in this life. I have been betrayed by members of my own family and friends. I feel lucky to have meet a great guy in my new husband who share my belief and understand me, especially my emotions, ( I'm a little queen of anxiety no kidding ) he changed me from being a victim to a strong survivor. With him by my side I feel that I can surpass my fears, his been so supportive. Might sound weird but I often fear, what will happen if he died before I do, will I be strong enough without him by my side.
  5. Hi schiznit76, Personally how did I survived all the pain, heartache, being badly judge, injustice, betrayed and I could go on and on. Well! I realized that I could either cry on myself or be a survivor and stand tall which I decided to do. I will admit that it's far from being easy but... slowly step by step I'm getting there. One think that really help me going through my struggle is to know that I'm not alone. I'm new here this is my second post but I took the time to read lots of peoples post and now I see that there is others just like me who are struggling with anxiety and depression. I guess that I will never be free of my anxiety issues and I will need to keep on fighting my roller coaster emotions but... I look around myself and see others who are fighting diseases or physical handicap. I also tried many different medication and therapy which didn't really help, the only thing that help me a lot is what I've learned from my father. Is been through hell in his life and I really mean hell but his strong spiritual believe kept him on going ( perhaps he past his strength as part of my heritage, to me when he died ). It might be personal on my behalf but I honestly think that what brings a lot of peoples to anxiety and depression is our surrounding and what this world is coming to, there's a lot of madness everywhere. I know that all my life I will need to fight back but... I'm up for the challenge. I used to call myself a victim for all that the suffering I endure so far in my life but now I call myself a SURVIVOR, I guess it sound more positive.
  6. Hi Just me 2, I'm also on citalopram 20mg, I've been on it now for 5 months and I notice that it's not working as good as when I first started. I saw a counsellor when I started taking my medication unfortunately didn't help me at all. To answer your question ( can my anger be part of anxiety ) YES definitely you will find some information on this link : http://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/anger. Well, just me 2, your are not alone in your struggle, I also suffer from major anxiety and my anger, lately is totally out of control I get upset over nothing. My health is not that good either, I also work 5 days a week which doesn't help my situation, lots of frustrations at work and unfortunately is hard to put them behind once I am finally home. I'm so happy that I found this Forum, I believe that people that also suffer from anxiety and depression will understand more why I going through so far what I received from my surrounding isn't helping me at all they are either judgemental or totally clueless about the pain that I have to live with every day because our pain is invisible or totally unreal in the eyes of to many peoples who just don't understand the struggle of anxiety and depression. Hopefully soon, we will both find ways of dealing with our emotions.
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