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  1. My doctor's advice was to up the cymbalta dose of what I was on was fluctuating to much. I still haven't seen her since early December though and that was before I stopped taking the current cymbalta dose. I will do some research on therapists in my area. Things have been better these last couple of weeks but I still get what feel like depression mood swings. Almost like the opposite of an anxiety attack, I can't really explain it. That's one reason I don't want to see a therapist, I'm worried that I'm going to be paying for a service I can't even take advantage of. If I can't put what I am feeling or experiencing into words then how can I get help.
  2. Thanks Trilher, I've thought about finding a therapist but have never gone through with it.
  3. The problem is I am on other meds also. Cymbalta was the best choice interaction wise, but it just seemed to stop working and I started having huge swings in my mood to where the depression was overwhelming. I just got to the point where I figured I might as well stop taking the cymbalta if it wasn't helping. I still don't know what to do about my depression most of the time, but I'm getting by
  4. I'll probably be getting with my doctor soon, it looks like things are going to get hectic for me at work and I can't afford a complete breakdown so I will probably go in to see her and see what she thinks is best for me. Thanks for the welcomes also, I think this forum will be very helpful, I read through a few threads yesterday and made a couple comments and it made me feel better. It helps to be in an environment where I don't feel like people are going to look at me like I'm crazy or pathetic for needing help with my issues.
  5. I have trouble sleeping and for the last few years I've had to sleep with a hall way light on and my door open. This is the first time I admit it to anyone but if there is a chance it may help you then I am willing to do it. My anxiety keeps me up at night, I feel helpless and weak. If I close the door and turn off the lights and there is an emergency then I won't be able to react fast enough. I know the chances of an emergency in the middle of the night aren't very great especially since I only sleep 4 or 5 hours anyway but I tell my self that it is at least a head start, it is an advantage, a security blanket. When I really can't sleep I turn on the TV and put something on netflix that I have seen a bunch of times so I don't feel like I will miss anything by falling asleep. I use the voices as white noise. If it gets to where nothing works then I take my Ativan. Hope your doctor can help out, honestly part of it will be figuring out what routine will help you the most. Also don't tell your self that you have to get 8 hours of sleep and then stress about it, because something is better than nothing so just try to get some sort of system going
  6. I found this forum while looking for some sort of support web site. I am a 28 year old male, with PTSD and anxiety issues. My PTSD comes from having a stroke at 25 and a second at 26. The last few years have been challenging to say the least. I have been taking cymbalta for the depression and have a script for Ativan for the anxiety and panic attacks. I recently stopped the cymbalta cold turkey because I felt it wasn't working, not the smartest thing to do but things were getting really dark for me. I feel alone, so I just wanted to find a place to share with people that are going through the something similar.
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