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  1. Its morning now but yesterday I met with some friends then had a catch up at the pub, I also didn't slip on the ice all day, Zombies 1 Ice 0
  2. OK so I've decided, I'm going to have steak with mushrooms and maybe an egg. I now just have to wait 2 hours till its lunch time, urgh.
  3. Welcome :) Massive changes can be daunting and stressgul, but they can be exciting too. Maybe you could make a little to do list of new and fun things to do when you move. Maybe it could focus your mind off some of the stresses. The most I've ever moved is 60 miles, England is just so tiny.
  4. Laid in bed trying to stay warm, fudging winter, fudging snow, brrrrr
  5. Sorry to hear you are having it pretty tough right now. I've been in a similar place myself recently so I can relate a little bit to how you are feeling, and I know how horrid it can be. Venting it out is a step in the right direction, you don't have to be alone through this. I hope you start to feel better soon.
  6. Its 2am and I don't feel tired at all, its annoying as I've been pretty active today.
  7. Today I ate chicken, chicken and chicken, I may have chicken tomorrow too, or steak, or chicken. That said I'll probably end up having tuna. I can never decide what to eat :(
  8. Only thing wrong with a cat is its not a dog lol. Pets are great I find, if you treat them with love they will give you the same back.
  9. I'm sorry you have had a tough time, it also confuses me as you sound just like the sort of person I would have been friends with, you sound very smart and talented :). If you ever have room for a new friend then you can message me anytime for a chat, and I promise I'm not actually a real zombie lol
  10. There is nothing wrong with walking away, you don't owe a friendship with stuff like that, some people just can't see past their own nose when they hurt someone, I've come across many self centred people like that and I'm sure I will see many more. I think you did the right thing for you, and that's what matters here, your feelings, sometimes its hard to see when you are better off without someone and it takes takes time to heal, bit you will get there.
  11. I made cauliflower rice tonight to go with a Spanish style fish dish, first time in a few weeks I've felt inspired to cook up a proper meal rather than some processed junk
  12. Had an awful nights sleep which lead to a pretty low morning, but then I had some sushi and played some video games with !y nephew which rescued my day so feeling rather upbeat tonight:)
  13. I do a low carb diet, more specifically Ketogenic so I practically live off chicken
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