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  1. Wow, it sucks that you were taking the medication for so many years, but at least you are off it now!
  2. I'm a little confused about what happened. Are you saying that you got into a fight with your wife?
  3. I am the same way. I get very anxious before a situation, but when it actually is occurring I am usually pretty calm.
  4. Hello! It sucks that you have to wait 2 months to see a psychiatrist. I know that it's exhausting to try & improve mental health, but it is worth the fight! You sound like a very creative person! Drawing is a great outlet. Hope you find the site helpful!
  5. Hello! Sorry I can't answer your question about your medications. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion from another medical professional since prozac has caused more anxiety for you. I hope that you find the site helpful! Also, I love your username!
  6. Hello Kelly! I hope that you find the site helpful!
  7. Hello! You asked why you shouldn't harm yourself. That you feel hopeless. I want you to know that there are so many things to look forward to.. You are around the same age as me, & I understand how hard it is to be rejected, but it's a pretty common thing to deal with. Even people that you think have lots of friends can feel isolated & lonely. Honestly, it's an awkward age to be in. You're still trying to figure everything out. Keep putting yourself out there. You'll find the right people eventually. You say that you enjoy writing & drawing. That's awesome! Is there anyway that you can contact the other forum you belonged to? It is weird that they would just ban you out of nowhere. Anyways, I hope that you find this site helpful. Good luck!
  8. I know that the holiday season is tough for many, but today I wanted to give thanks to all those that make up this community. You are a great group of people. Hope you all have a great day!
  9. Have you told your doctor about these symptoms? Maybe you should be switched to a different medication.
  10. You could always get a second opinion from another therapist. From your post it sounds like you may exhibit some symptoms of depression, but maybe your current therapist does not see it as severe. I don't think that she would lie to you about a diagnosis.
  11. It sounds like you have a lot of pent up energy, & walking around helps your stress level. I know that when I'm extremely stressed out, I pace. But I read that psychomotor agitator means that it is unintentional movement. That is not what I experience. Do you feel like you are out of control when you are pacing? If so, this may be your issue. But I cannot be sure.
  12. Hello, Laure! I am glad that you joined the site. There are lots of understanding people on here that will give great advice. Good luck!
  13. It depends on the movie or tv show. Some are meant for a temporary escape. They're just fun to watch. Other ones are meant for deep contemplation. The only movies I can think of off the top of my head that deal with emotional issues are both French. They are Amelie & Angel-a. Look they even start with the same letter haha.
  14. Hello, CherryWine! You joined a great site. There are lots of people here willing to listen & give advice. I hope you find it helpful!
  15. Hello! Welcome to the site. I hope that you find it helpful! :)
  16. Oh my this thread has been taken so off topic. If you want to discuss politics or other countries start another thread. This was started to show sympathy for the victims in the Paris attacks.
  17. Another sad update on Paris: Diesel, a police dog that help conduct raids, was killed by a suicide bomber. Poor dog. RIP Diesel, vous etes une heroine pour la francais!
  18. Please don't blame yourself for your mother's death. I know that it is a very hard thing to come to terms with, but it is not your fault. You only wanted to help your mother. You have overcome so many challenges in life, now you deserve to heal & create a better future for yourself. You should look into therapy since your suicidal thoughts are so vivid & strong. I hope that you find this site helpful. Welcome!
  19. Once again, I think one of you should start another topic to discuss reasons why you think this happened. I did not intend for this discussion to turn into victim blaming, but if you want to discuss that start another topic please.
  20. Oh, ok. Well I agree with the above poster. Responding does not sound like a good idea. That person needs serious psychiatric help.
  21. Was that on here? If so, I haven't seen any report on it.
  22. Hello, GMS82! It sounds like you have a lot of temporary setbacks. Since you have various skills, I am sure that you will be able to find a job soon. It's just that the job market is horrible right now. Have you ever gone to therapy? Also, you say that you've gone through long periods of being alone. Was this intentional? You were in a 8 year long relationship, so it sounds like you have got relationship skills. Maybe you just haven't found the right person yet? I hope that you find this site helpful! There are lots of understanding people on here. Good luck!
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