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  1. Hello, bbwolf. I am sorry you are in so much pain. Please don't feel useless. I hope that you find this site helpful!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I felt better after writing that post. I just needed to vent & share my thoughts. Everyone goes through this & we shouldn't feel alone. Hope you're doing ok!
  3. I'm really struggling today. I'm in that mood where I'm exhausted from trying to be productive & improving myself that I feel frustrated, sad, worthless, & angry. I try to remind myself of all the good things in my life, but I keep thinking about how much easier some people have it. I know that these feelings will pass, & I will keep fighting on, but it is very hard. I guess I'm sharing this so you all know that you're not alone in this. I think that everyone, even people that have seemingly easy lives, have experienced days like this, where everything feels like a struggle. Even though we all have bad days, they will pass, even if it's for a moment, you are worth the fight.
  4. Fish and fries with lots of ketchup!
  5. Don't feel so bad about yourself. You'll find someone eventually. In the meantime, you need to work on building up your confidence. Focus on what you like about yourself. What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing? What are your talents? Also make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Drink enough water, get some exercise, & eat something healthy everyday. I know that it is really difficult to start conversations with people when you are shy. Even really confident people have a hard time approaching people that they are attracted to! The best thing to do is to keep in mind that you are probably going to mess it all up & say the wrong thing when you first start approaching people. But so what? Everybody says awkward things, even if they are very outgoing. It's not the worst thing in the world. It sounds like you are picky about who you want a relationship with. That is good. What are the traits you are looking for in a person? You need to know this before you start looking for a date. Don't go with just anyone because you are feeling lonely. Make sure you give it enough time & you will find the right person to have a relationship with!
  6. I'm grateful that I have enough food in the fridge.
  7. It's great that you are taking steps to improve yourself. I hope you are doing ok today.
  8. Is that punishment for something you did ;) Hehe well I guess some people do find it a sludge to read through but I'm really enjoying it.
  9. I just wanted to remind everyone that this site is pro-life. You are all valuable people. Instead of focusing on the word "selfish", we should all be working to encourage each other to keep fighting.
  10. Hello, EmptyPages! I know the feeling of wanting to be alone & around people at the same time. I hope that you find the site helpful!
  11. Hello, Steven. I know how much relief self harm can bring, but it is only temporary. Eventually it will get to the point where you are covered in marks. I know from personal experience how hard it is to stop, but it is possible! You just need to find a better coping mechanism. Instead of harming yourself, you can post on this site. Or just write down your feelings. I hope that you continue reaching out on this site. Welcome!
  12. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you're a scorpio like me :) Anyways, I'm sorry that you are feeling so isolated in college, but this is actually a common experience for many students, even those that seem to have lots of friends. It's good that you are avoiding drinking your brains out, since your grades would most likely suffer. Have you been in any kind of therapy or told anyone about your struggles? I hope that you find this site helpful!
  13. Hello & welcome to the site! I hope you find it helpful. Btw, your profile picture is awesome!
  14. Hello, Wally7. I am sorry but I have no experience with the medications you are taking, so I cannot answer your question. I just wanted to welcome you to this community.
  15. Hello, & welcome to the site. Depression can cause suicidal thoughts & feelings. They are often linked together. Not wanting to be treated in the event of a fatal disease or traumatic event isn't an uncommon thought. Many people don't want to be left alive in a vegetable state, so that doesn't necessarily make you suicidal. Are you still in therapy & on medication? I hope that you get some relief by posting on the site.
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