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  1. Keep going! I know how hard it is to keep going, but you are doing the best you can right now. When I used to have horrible anxiety attacks, I would drink chamomile tea. It helped calm me down a bit.
  2. Hello! I am very sorry that you are feeling so hopeless that you would resort to suicide. I know the feeling too well, but I want you to know that you need to keep fighting & living! You can make lots of friends on here. Post whenever you're struggling, & I promise that it will help! Also, it sounds like the people surrounding you are unkind. You are not the ugly, untalented one. They sound like they have very ugly hearts. I am sorry that you are around those kind of people. I hope that you find the site helpful!
  3. You deserve love & relationships. You have recognized the problem, & now you are reaching out for help. That is a very brave thing to do! I hope that you find some answers on here. Welcome to the site!
  4. Welcome to the site! I am sorry that you are dealing with work problems. I would love to give you some advice but I have never been in a similar situation. Hope you find the answers you need on here!
  5. I believe that there's something more, something that cannot be described or understood. Religions are simply a way of putting this mystery into stories & symbols.
  6. Only she can help herself. It sounds like she has many problems that need to be dealt with therapy. Her view of the world, that she is weak & everything is against her success, is a very warped one. The most you can do is encourage her to seek help from a professional.
  7. Hello! I also enjoy art & music very much Hope you find the site helpful!
  8. to the site! I think you will find the 'Other Depression & Anxiety Medications' forum the most helpful! Good luck!
  9. Wow, that's a really cool piece of art! Great job!
  10. Yes, the main thing is that we try to be as healthy as possible.
  11. I'm not a graduate student, just trying to bump this topic up so a graduate student will see it easier!
  12. I am very sorry that you are dealing with this. I hope you find the site helpful!
  13. I hope everyone is feeling okay today! You are all such strong people!
  14. If I waited for motivation, I would never get out of bed. Depression makes us feel exhausted, both mentally & physically, to the point where everything feels like chore. When you are in this state, you cannot wait for motivation. You simply have to just do it.
  15. Screw them. Stay true to yourself. If they perceive you as a lesser person, that's their problem, not yours. Don't concern yourself with what they think. Find people that accept you.
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