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  1. Thank you for the post! I'm sorry that you're having a bad time right now.
  2. Hello! I'm really sorry that things seem so horrible right now. I've had some similar experiences to yours, so I want you to know that you're not alone. Feel free to message me anytime! *hugs*
  3. Hello! I can really relate to your situation since I also have experienced bouts of depression starting around that age. If you ever need someone to talk to I'll be here to listen!
  4. Hi everyone! I just turned 20 years old, and have experienced depression for several years. Lately I've been trying to fight it but life is just getting more and more horrible. I have also had problems with self harming but I haven't done that for several months now. I really don't know how I'm ever going to make my life better. I need help from family but most of them don't want to give me any support at all because they just think I'm too lazy to do anything. They don't take my suffering seriously. Especially a sibling that used to beat me up when I was very young (around 5 years old, they were 15), and now is telling lies to people so they won't help me. I'm not sure why my sibling is so cruel to me. I hope I'll be able to get help on here & help others also!
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