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  1. Fatigue (and depression) has been worse lately; seeing my life fly by with very little improvement. Hard to visualize progress when daily living activities consume a large part of the day...sometimes it takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours just to eat lunch.
  2. It seems to be noticeable otherwise too; my mom is always telling me to smile. In the mirror, it looks like a flat affect (I think is what they call it) to me.
  3. Might want to get a pill box if you don't have one with days of week/times etc. Could help. Good luck!
  4. Absolutely, happens every time I show up to work...it's immediately noticeable apparently.
  5. Began in late high school after a series of stressful events and conflicts. I have heard from long-time friends though that I seemed somewhat depressed before that. Anxiety had been a factor way before that. College was extremely difficult and I had a number of major depressive episodes; I worked full-time for a number of years afterward, but eventually couldn't do it anymore- the stress made me totally dysfunctional. My formal diagnosis is dysthymia with episodes of major depression and chronic anxiety; it has been treatment resistant and nothing has had a significant impact in the long-term other than CBT, which has helped to some extent. Best wishes to you!
  6. For me, I'm already starting off subpar for the day. However, I tend to feel a little bit better as the day progresses; unfortunately any sort of stressor/annoyance/bad event etc can greatly affect my mood rather quickly. I can definitely relate. Hope you feel better. Don't let depression win.
  7. I struggled for years to seek help or support. I applaud your strength. There are many helpful members here. Best wishes to you for better days ahead!
  8. Exhausted; would like to improve but seemingly don't have the energy
  9. Yes, I've had a similar sensation where my skin burns...usually when I have an anxiety attack
  10. In many ways I can relate to feeling "stuck"; I can't seem to find the answer either. I have thought of trying something new; I'm intelligent, but I either don't have the energy (depression, fatigue, anxiety and a couple of physical ailments) or don't think it's worth accumulating more debt I can't pay off. I wish I had some good advice, hopefully, someone here will. I don't function very well in the real world. I haven't worked full-time in over 5 years and barely manage (and sometimes don't manage) to accomplish the bare necessities related to everyday life, like going to the grocery store. Best wishes to you! I hope you feel better.
  11. I've written a fair number of poems over the years about my depression; typically they are pretty dark, but it has improved my understanding. Nice poem, Somethingwitty; glad it has helped you. Hope you are well! Don't let depression win.
  12. Herebydefault, I hope you find something that helps you soon!! Best wishes in your recovery. Don't let depression win!
  13. Multiple part-time jobs; nothing full-time in years. My last full-time job I couldn't handle for the last year I was there. I could not function at all anymore.
  14. I would like to deal with it a lot more effectively than I do, but I do find that walks/hikes in the park help sometimes. Best wishes to you! Don't let depression win.
  15. I don't think many of your thoughts are unusual, especially if you might have depression. I would continue to work with a therapist and give it some time. Progress can be slow and there will be setbacks, probably. However, in the long run it can be very helpful. I wish you the best; hopefully others can provide some more insight here. Best wishes to you!! Hope you feel better soon.
  16. I'm no doctor, but sounds like it might be depression. I wouldn't self diagnose sociopathy or psychopathy...best to talk to a psychiatrist/psychologist about what's going on. I think many people make the same mistakes again and probably aren't socio or psychopaths. Best wishes to you; I hope you feel better soon!!
  17. Feel the same way and I've tried all sorts of things too. My energy level is shot for a good portion of the day; even the so-called "daily life activities" can be a hassle.
  18. I believe it was around a couple months for each of them, if not a bit longer
  19. I would consult with your doctor. However, I will say in my experience, I had to be weaned off of those medications very gradually even at the low doses. When my doctor attempted to taper those medications too quickly, I had some nasty anxiety attacks.
  20. Sorry you didn't have a great birthday. I hope future birthdays and all the days in between may be better ones for you!!
  21. Hi Nick, I'm sorry this happened. I pray you find a good friend, a family member or counselor that you can still confide in. I found that sharing my thoughts and feelings with someone helped. Do not give up on yourself; you will find support here at the very least. Don't let depression win!! Best wishes for a brighter day!!
  22. Depression has that effect often; I often don't know who I am either anymore. I wish I go could back in time, but I can't. Hope you're feeling better!!
  23. My depression destroyed most of my interests; the couple that are left go in phases from I like this to...ah whatever. Best wishes to you!! I hope your passions return and if you want to perform music again, why not give it a try. Don't let depression win.
  24. Hoping for a better day for you!! Take care.
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