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  1. It seems to be noticeable otherwise too; my mom is always telling me to smile. In the mirror, it looks like a flat affect (I think is what they call it) to me.
  2. What does this mean? Weird, huh?!

    Might want to get a pill box if you don't have one with days of week/times etc. Could help. Good luck!
  3. Absolutely, happens every time I show up to's immediately noticeable apparently.
  4. What was your descent into depression like?

    Began in late high school after a series of stressful events and conflicts. I have heard from long-time friends though that I seemed somewhat depressed before that. Anxiety had been a factor way before that. College was extremely difficult and I had a number of major depressive episodes; I worked full-time for a number of years afterward, but eventually couldn't do it anymore- the stress made me totally dysfunctional. My formal diagnosis is dysthymia with episodes of major depression and chronic anxiety; it has been treatment resistant and nothing has had a significant impact in the long-term other than CBT, which has helped to some extent. Best wishes to you!
  5. Do you go downhill suddenly?

    For me, I'm already starting off subpar for the day. However, I tend to feel a little bit better as the day progresses; unfortunately any sort of stressor/annoyance/bad event etc can greatly affect my mood rather quickly. I can definitely relate. Hope you feel better. Don't let depression win.
  6. I struggled for years to seek help or support. I applaud your strength. There are many helpful members here. Best wishes to you for better days ahead!
  7. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Exhausted; would like to improve but seemingly don't have the energy
  8. Feel like there are needles all over me

    Yes, I've had a similar sensation where my skin burns...usually when I have an anxiety attack
  9. Depression and stuck in a rut

    In many ways I can relate to feeling "stuck"; I can't seem to find the answer either. I have thought of trying something new; I'm intelligent, but I either don't have the energy (depression, fatigue, anxiety and a couple of physical ailments) or don't think it's worth accumulating more debt I can't pay off. I wish I had some good advice, hopefully, someone here will. I don't function very well in the real world. I haven't worked full-time in over 5 years and barely manage (and sometimes don't manage) to accomplish the bare necessities related to everyday life, like going to the grocery store. Best wishes to you! I hope you feel better.
  10. I've written a fair number of poems over the years about my depression; typically they are pretty dark, but it has improved my understanding. Nice poem, Somethingwitty; glad it has helped you. Hope you are well! Don't let depression win.
  11. Depressed for so long

    Herebydefault, I hope you find something that helps you soon!! Best wishes in your recovery. Don't let depression win!
  12. Depression and Work/Career

    Multiple part-time jobs; nothing full-time in years. My last full-time job I couldn't handle for the last year I was there. I could not function at all anymore.
  13. How do others deal with their depression?

    I would like to deal with it a lot more effectively than I do, but I do find that walks/hikes in the park help sometimes. Best wishes to you! Don't let depression win.
  14. Introduction and questions

    I don't think many of your thoughts are unusual, especially if you might have depression. I would continue to work with a therapist and give it some time. Progress can be slow and there will be setbacks, probably. However, in the long run it can be very helpful. I wish you the best; hopefully others can provide some more insight here. Best wishes to you!! Hope you feel better soon.