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  1. i believe in that after suffering for 1.5 years with total loss of any positive feelings as i happened to live in a hell with a never ending anxiety with never ending negative feelings and those feelings made me cry all the time as they forced me to think about suicide as an option to escape until i found the right meds for me then the negativity stopped all together and the feeling sensation of lightheadedness start to happen i managed to feel positive feelings and started to live with them...the only meds worked for me were prozac and ritalin that i take during the day and 450 mg seroquel at nights...still i am totally anti social and having no social life but i am glad i don't suffer like i did earlier.
  2. i think it would never work for a long term solution although it would give you some positive effects temporarily ...the root of your problem lies deeper and to cure it permanently it would take some effort...i've been into to this nonsense torture and suffering at the end i felt some inner peace but i've suffered enough to find it.
  3. that's great to hear salparadise6132...i feel the great instability in the nature as the seasons are lost...we're having extreme draughts and floods here all living beings are alive because of the right combinations of the weather conditions but bacteria have the ability to survive in harsh conditions...air pollution may affect depressive symptoms, because air pollution is known to induce oxidative stress, a potential cause of depression...i like to live in a forest but then there are only streets here i could not even ride a bicycle securely
  4. Thanks Epictetus....like in your profile picture of hands holding a bird you are that kind of a person living that spirit as i remember reading an article you wrote about catching a fly but letting it free to fly out of window...i'm a person like you as we've noting to do about God's creations even a fly has rights to live so it's unusual to us to end the life of a living thing by our decisions because we didn't create them thus we've no right to end their existence...i'm so sad that even feeling peaceful inside of you is depended on the drugs you take to balance the hormones of your brain...after suffering so much i believe that there's not a thing called inner peace but it's rather a chemical imbalance in the brain that you could fix it with meds or therapy.
  5. i've been in hell for 1.5 years as i was unable to feel any positive emotions at all and i was walking and crying all the day it was so painful and harsh i was thinking about suicide...i lost everything as the only thing i feel was sadness with all the negative thoughts you could think of then i feel like Epictetus and YOU who replied in my topics were suffering more than i experience...at the end of the story after 1.5 years of suffering i found the right meds for me and i feel my positive emotions again i hope you would find the right meds and therapy for you to end this nightmare.
  6. surfcaster that's so calming profile picture of yours...it triggers my old memories when i'm having a great time in the sea and shore as i remember being in a plastic boat with my father...we were going through greenish waves of the ocean.
  7. zenzang hope you get better as soon as possible. stomach hurting is the worst torment until it's over.
  8. Words have no power over the pain you feel inside of you as only one thing can describe it and it's nothingness...Epictetus in my heart i feel your preciousness and your way of you seeing things in a way of trying to be helpful to all you encounter.
  9. not depressed but feeling lost...earth has been evolved for millions of years as we humans not even have a 1 million year old evolution...i think we ruin the balance of earth because of our never ending greed for more power.
  10. feeling emptiness without any positive emotions was the greatest torture on earth for me i got 2 major attacks of depression and they both lasted for 1.5 year...it was like hell i was constantly walking and crying all the day and i was praying to God to a sleep at nights....both of the depression attacks lasted for 1.5 years and the last one is cured with help of the meds i take ritalin was good for me as it ended my torment i believe in chemical equation needs to be balanced in the brain too
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