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  1. Hey Dylan as a fellow transgender person I know how it feels if people aren't willing to accept you for who are. I haven't came out yet to my family, but I've seen the struggles of what other transgender individuals face. I'm sorry your current situation isn't the best with your family. Not being able to be who you are as a person makes you depressed, I can relate. If you ever want to talk let me know. I'd be more than willing to listen.
  2. I think I'm feeling hungry today? I don't know since I didn't eat at all yesterday. I'm going out to get some lunch, maybe I'll have an appetite afterwards. Anyways, I woke up less anxious but who knows how long that will last. Hope everyone has a good day!
  3. Woke up tired. Don't want to get out of bed. At the same time I want to go shopping. How strange, haha. Have a good day everyone!
  4. Feeling like crap. My Mom has been mad about everything since 4 am this morning. I wish it was a better start to the day.
  5. As soon as I got out of bed I felt anxious. I should go on another walk to get my mind off things. Just trying to stay positive today.
  6. Starting my day off alright I guess. I like the start of weekends but I'm not sure if matters anymore lol. Hate waking up to the sun shine in my room but it's probably the only way I'd wake up during the morning. Not feeling hungry again. Even if I had an appetite yesterday. I'll probably go out. I personally don't like sitting home alone ever since my anxiety started to get bad again. I hope everyone has a good day!
  7. In hope of getting my anxiety under control again I have to return to my s***ty doctor since she's the only one available in the area. Last time I went there I was suicidal. Not sure what she'll think this time around. As far as today goes I'm doing alright. Had a few laughs at least. My stomach has been upset for a whole week and I just want to be able to relax before my sisters upcoming birthday this Sunday.
  8. Doing okay so far. I went out to enjoy some cool weather since my apartment tends to get so warm easily. I ate rice this morning but I should eat something else. I felt very drowsy earlier. Hope everyone is doing good today! *hugs*
  9. Hey, CoolCat7 thank you for the reply. My mother bought me a sandwich today in hopes I'd eat more. Well I did eat! I guess that's an improvement from where I was a day ago. I'm trying to keep myself calm, but I was having a panic attack earlier. I'm now in my bed trying to rest. As far as today goes, pretty uneventful but managed to call AMEX up for a replacement gift card. It always makes me feel better when I can chat on the forums with members/people who are so understanding. I hope everyone is doing well! *hugs*
  10. So a few days ago ants invaded my apartment. Ever since then I've been extremely anxious. Like I can barely go a couple minutes without sweating. My room is infested because I left a bait and they are still eating away. Hopefully the activity will be more quiet by tonight. This is ridiculous, I know for a fact they are just ants but if I was sleeping and they crawled all over me I'd freak out. Luckily my bed is pretty high up and they didn't even bother to crawl in my bed. I've barely been eating one meal a day. I just need a reminder I'm not crazy, even if my anxiety is through the roof.
  11. I'm not really in enough social gatherings to drink alcohol with other people and I'll be honest unless I'm in the privacy of my own home drinking I can't trust those around me if I'm wasted. Alcohol doesn't help depression and can make it worse, but it can temporarily fix issues and emotions you don't want to deal with at that moment if you drink it at the wrong time. If you want to drink, drink when you think you'll be in a good mood. You probably won't feel as guilty drinking when you're not in a depressive state of mind. Maybe someone can say more but this is based on my own personal expierence.
  12. Hey, IllBeOkay! Nice to have a new member here. Welcome to Depression Forums! I'm sorry you are going through a hard point in life. But you have the forum full of support if you ever need to talk. As a child I had a rough past, so I can relate. I've had some expirence with Wellbutrin and it wasn't good, but it works differently for everyone. Give it some time. I hope to see you post around (which reminds me I need to again).
  13. I'm starting to question my existence again and it doesn't feel right. I've been depressed a lot lately but haven't really told my family. Meanwhile people are starting to notice me again, but not by much. Overall I'm not feeling well. I broke down earlier in my room that way no one could see me.
  14. I've been down lately. Nights have been hard to get through. Need to find a way to get myself to my doctors office.
  15. It makes me angry I can't trust my family members to keep things between me and them. Might as well live in isolation.
  16. I feel s***ty. My mom is saying I'm lazy again and picking fights but I don't know if she realizes I try and do more than I used which is an achievement on my part. I want to cry but I'm trying to stay strong.
  17. Always could use a friend and someone to talk to feel free to message me.
  18. Definetly feeling empty, earlier today I felt there was no need to have me around. Felt suicidal at that moment. My insurance situation was going great but they ****ed me over again and can't get anything right it's kind of frustrating. If you asked me if I wanted to go back to my doctor months back last year I'd say hell no but I really need someone to talk to right now. Hope everyone is staying strong. *hugs*
  19. I've been really irritated lately and my family has noticed. I also dropped weight because I'm not eating as much but that's a good thing since I wanted to lose weight anyways. Felt nauseous earlier after I gave in and finally ate, but more than I needed to.
  20. When I think about my future I only see myself in an even worse situation than I already am.
  21. Last night wasn't my best night but I don't want to go into too much detail. Kind of recovering. I'm doing alright right now. *hugs to everyone*
  22. Got my insurance back! So I'm happy. I should actually to a therapist this time.
  23. My Nana is insane and yelled at me over a simple favor. Not the best day to start a week. I'm just feeling s***ty as usual to be honest.
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