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  1. New here, sorry if wrong place. I'm a married mid-upper 30s guy with a large family and very few "true friends" ... I'm in job that I hate, I don't feel successful or gratified in my job. but it's a high pay job. My heart is not in it, but changing to something my heart is in will impact my family greatly. Currently in a technology role with lots of flexibility... Changing jobs feels like it would be a step backwards 10 years... The careers I am interested in would be about a 40 - 50% paycut, would require us to sell our house and change our lives dramatically... I recognize how unhappy I am with my life but I'm afraid to change it. I start to think, why can't I just like what I do so I can keep my family stable and happy. In addition to this, I have so many awesome things be thankful for that I feel like I can't because these thoughts impact my day. I feel guilty being so dissatisfied when I know I have so many amazingly good things in my life. I'm an athletic person I run a lot, sometimes just to occupy my time, sometimes to justify my tendency to drink too much alcohol. Everyone thinks I'm strong, but it's really just a way to disguise my weaknesses. sorry for the rambling. I'm looking for ideas, resources ways to feel better, and make changes. It's almost like I know what I need to do, but can't do it.... very frustrating.
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