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  1. this evening must prepare my stuff for commuting tomorrow i rather lay down in bed browsing
  2. so lazy to go to work this morning must motivate myself
  3. i hate this cubicle it's so small like a chicken cage everyone can hear everything you say on the phone
  4. michelle38 thank you so much for your kind words. i will re-read your post whenever i try to beat myself up for procrastination the unwanted, we are in a similar boat. i have an angry unstable boss here & telltale co workers. today is raining hard and i dread going to work. my boss will be upset because yesterday due to miscommunication, his shmuck faced favorite staff didn't attend a meeting & he got upset at me for not informing favorite staff while i assume favorite staff already know about the meeting because i informed him during small talk but i didn't make a written official meeting announcement
  5. oh i dread going to work today because my boss is going to be upset at me for forgetting to inform his favorite staff (the ass kisser) to attend the meeting yesterday
  6. one good improvement is : i prepare the clothes i'm going to wear for work the night before. it really helps with efficiency
  7. today i wake up at 7 and arrived 15 minutes late at work it's a step of improvement comparing to yesterday. tonight i must sleep at 9pm or latest by 10pm
  8. tonight i must sleep at 9pm at 8pm send reminders to boss & his core team i also must prepare clothes & things needed for my morning commute tommorow my target is to wake up at 6 and leave to work at 7 let's do this
  9. maverick 7777 thanks for your advice today i arrive late at work, i'm so upset at myself this week i am battling procrastination at work i also have ADHD which makes it hard to focus sometimes
  10. yes i suffer from jealousy as well if i see people having a better life than me how to deal with this? i try to keep myself busy & forget about those feelings
  11. Having ADHD myself, means it's difficult to be on time & remember things. I work as a Personal Assistant, and my boss is a forgetful person. He forgot his credit card, his ID card, his phone etc and now he relies on me to remind him of everything. Please give me tips on how to manage this. So far what I'm doing is writing down all his appointments and schedules also put it on my phone's reminder. Sometimes I am excellent at reminding him, sometimes I fail. I want to be constant. How to do that while I'm also struggling to help myself not fall apart at work? Advice & suggestions please.
  12. ink8920 i agree with you. Adult ADHD & depression sucks and it's indeed a big mess. I suffer from being late, slow and it affects my work performance. I am determined to take steps to improve my situation. Let's support each other.
  13. Hi everyone I'm feeling so awful today. I'm supposed to sleep at 10 evening & wake up at 6 to begin preparations for my work commute. Instead I watched TV and slept at 2 am ..woke up in frantic shock at 9am after snoozing my alarm heavily. I missed the Company Car pick up at the usual pick up point, because the company pick up car will arrive at pick up points starting from 8am. This chain reaction (caused by staying up late watching TV) has caused me to miss a 11am appointment meeting at our Branch office location (3 hours drive from my city). My boss is upset, everyone is upset. And I'm upset at myself for missing the company car pick up ride to the branch office. I told my husband about my day and he was upset to me as well for failing at time management today. I have Adult ADHD and it sucks. I will check in daily to update progress on my time management efforts at work. I'm here now sitting at my desk feeling awful.
  14. on the way commuting home people begin to behave like jackasses to counter the bullies that reign in the office and today i witness jackass behavior it's quite annoying but at least now i know there are no real friends at this shabby office
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