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  1. Yea that sounds exactly like my situation. My psych said that sometimes when med is working well and you go off, going back on it can not work that go round. One thing I hAve learned and now accept is I can't play around with my brain like that. If ain't broke, don't fix it. I think we all struggle w the stigma mental illness carries and think that we are somehow less of a person for having to take meds. When we in fact are not ?
  2. On day 6 of 50mg and 2moro go up to 100. Was on celexa for many years but went off the end of July as I was a a really great place in life and thought I could manage without them. Ooops! :). Anxiety and depression slowly crept back in when panic attacks started end of oct and was put back on celexa. It was not working anymore and now here I am starting zoloft. An increase in anxiety and insomnia have been the biggest side effects for me. I have zanax for emergencies but avoid that at all costs. Wanted to hear others experience w the initial side effects, how long they lasted, and would love to hear success stories for zoloft for panic disorder. Thank you very much everyone for taking the time to respond.
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