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  1. Big business has come up with another way to drive us crazy: billboards in space. The first ones won't be visible from earth, they say, but just wait -- give it time. Pretty soon you know they'll be blotting out the moon and stars with their moronic "messages"... I think I'll go to bed. It makes me tired just to think of it.
  2. I wonder why anti-depressant meds work with some people and not with others. I must be one of the lucky ones, because almost all of them work well for me, but nothing works for my sister. Are people's metabolisms or nervous systems (or whatever it is) so different? I would think that neurotransmitters are neurotransmitters... but what do I know (not being a doctor or biochemist)?... It just seems very strange to me.
  3. When I don't feel motivated enough to wash all the dishes, I do half of them, then do the other half later. That works for me, and I manage to get something done at least.
  4. A poem I just rediscovered (based on "Desiderata"), called "Deteriorata" -- Go placidly among the noise and waste... ..... .... You are fluke of the universe, You have no right to be here.... .... .... Make peace with your god, Whatever you perceive him to be -- hairy thunderer or cosmic muffin... .... .... Whether you can hear it or not, The universe is laughing behind your back. (I wish I could quote the whole thing, but for some reason the cut-and-past function doesn't work for me in DF. Anyone know why?)
  5. Yep. I always wanted to write, and when I was at work, I could think of all sorts of ideas. Now that I'm retired -- nothing. Maybe this is related to the fact that we always get our best ideas when we're in the shower and can't write them down. (Maybe a good excuse not to shower? Ha-ha!)
  6. A great little book, not at all intimidating: _The Meaning of Life_, by Terry Eagleton.
  7. I found a great quote that may apply to many of us here (especially to myself!): "A great deal of the aggression, frustration, hostility and rage that mars our peace of mind is the result of thwarted egotism..." ... (from Karen Armstrong's _The Case for God_ -- which, BTW, is not a fundamentalist demand that everyone believe in the Christian God, as the title might make it sound, but a very balanced discussion of why belief of some sort or another makes sense; she is a well-known scholar of religion and a *former* Catholic nun, I believe).
  8. _The Portable Curmudgeon_ by Jon Winokur: Quotes from the most famous grouches, cynics and pessimists -- H. L. Mencken, Mark Twain, W. C. Fields, Oscar Levant, Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde... hilarious! (Or, as Homer Simpson would put it, "It's funny because it's true!")
  9. This could be the reason for the sudden increase in people going on rampages -- shootings in malls and schools, people trying to run over others with cars, people k(i)lling their children, etc. -- people can't get the mental health care they need and they flip out.
  10. Just today I tried to sign up to get some therapy for my depression and anxiety; I haven't done this is several years and I'd forgotten what a bunch of rigamarole you have to go through to get any help. (Going through the county system -- of course, if I could afford the $300/hour or whatever a private therapist would charge, that would be great, but who can?). Anyhoo, Step 1: I call the local county health care facility (which I have used before), but my case has been closed, so I have to start all over (and it's more complicated than it used to be) -- they tell me to call so-and-so to get assessed; So, okay, Step 2: I call the assessment people -- "Well, yeah, we can do it, but the process will take 4 to 6 weeks." What? What if I need help now, not 2 months from now? "Well, then call the county's free clinic." Okay, Step 3: I call the free clinic. Closed on Friday. Call again on Monday. Thanks a lot. So, Step 4: I will call them again -- or better, go in -- on Monday, to see what hoops they have planned for me. I don't get it -- it wasn't this complicated even three or four years ago. Something to do with Obama Care?
  11. Cowardice -- I'm afraid of the pain involved in doing the Big No-No (the word would be censored if I tried to type it here). Of course there's the pain it would put my family through also, but mostly fear of physical pain.
  12. Not saying that someone should "do it for me" -- only that it shouldn't be illegal for me to seek out and avail myself of such services.
  13. Robin Hood smoked? I didn't know that tobacco had been introduced into England already. Wasn't it Sir Walter Raleigh who brought it over a couple hundred years later? ;)
  14. I feel like a freaking ***** -- I discovered I've been answering posts that were put up in 2004 (eleven years ago!) and have had no responses since then! I'm talking to people from over a decade in the past, who might not even be around anymore. What a newbie!!
  15. @ Vega: "... wanting to terminate our lives is only temporary..." -- In my case, I've wanted to do this every single day for the past fifteen years AT LEAST. I would hardly call this temporary! (And this usually when I am cold, stone sane -- not screaming and yelling, running outside naked, etc.)
  16. @ djmixer -- Yeah, I forgot the basic rule when I asked the original question. And the basic rule is: Follow the money. (Rule No. 2 is "Screw you.")
  17. I have a lot of trouble with authority (though I never actually got *into* trouble for this attitude -- too cowardly!), but it's very difficult for me to see why a person should be forced to stay alive even when he doesn't want to be. I should be allowed to end it all whenever I want to -- even for no good reason at all if I so desire. It's my life, and not the government's. (Though to the government/society, of course, I am merely a unit provided to them to do a certain amount of work, and they do not want to lose that work unnecessarily. I got that. Or am I just paranoid?)
  18. @Teddy & Neurotic Lady -- Ripple effect / copy-cat & possibility of unethical euthanasia "industry" -- Both good answers! I never thought of the second reason -- thank you! And much better than the usual answers you get: "because we said so" or "it's wrong".
  19. _The Inescapable Self_ by Timothy Chappell -- about the nature of the self as seen by various thinkers throughout history. The famous "brain in a vat" thought experiment (and the movie "Matrix"); Descartes' "I think, therefore I am" conundrum; and "The problem at the heart of this book is the problem of escaping the self." (pg. 160) -- you can open the book at random and find interesting things like these.
  20. Could someone please tell me why euthanasia is illegal in most places in the world? If a person is in constant, unremitting pain (physical or mental), why shouldn't he be able to end the pain if he so desires? What gives governments the right to tell him that he cannot do this? First, the person himself will benefit; and second, society will benefit. Is there some conspiracy going on here to force us to continue to live against our own wishes? I truly do not understand and would like an explanation (beyond the religious "explanations" that we normally get -- "The Bible says..." or "God says..."). I would like to hear a rational explanation of this. Anyone? Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I don't know where it should go.
  21. @ Icarus: I realized that it sounds like I'm boasting about my height (as if I had anything to do with it!). But all through junior high and high school, I was small for my age, uncoordinated and wore glasses (which wasn't "cool" in those days -- only geeks word glasses back then). I only got my height around the age of 18 or so. But I continued to be introverted and withdrawn, and introverts do not get much respect in this messed-up world. I guess I had to learn the hard way how to get respect.... Sorry if I sounded offensive -- that wasn't my intention.
  22. This world is a hell of a place for people like us: stuck between the Sheeple, who are barely aware of their own existence and who suffer but don't know why, and the One-percenters, who are the authors of that suffering and like it that way. In our own case, we know exactly why we suffer, but we can't do a damned thing about it. I don't know what made me say this -- I'm just sick and tired of this cookie-cutter world and the Bakers who are running it. (I guess we are the crumbs that get swept off the table and thrown into the garbage.)
  23. Let's hope that asteroid hits soon!

  24. I don't have too much trouble getting respect (maybe it helps that I'm a 6-foot, 250-pound guy), but I get burned up when I see people at the low end of the totem pole being treated like ****. For example, when I go into McDonalds, and some a-hole tells the person at the counter "Gimme a burger and fries." What kind of way is that to ask for something? You don't say "gimme" -- you say "could I have" or "I'd like" at the very least. And a "please" somewhere in there would be nice also....
  25. Pretty much my whole life has been "the Nothing years." I'm over 60, and the depression started before I was even aware that such a thing existed. So that's close to 50 years, I guess...
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