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  1. I saw my pdoc today due to increased anxiety and depression. I've been taking lexapro for about a year for both GAD and depression. I started at 5mg for a month, increased to 10 for another, and I've been on 15mg since. It worked amazingly. I still had bad days, and always had a little underlying feeling of anxiety, but I was better than ever. About a month ago, it totally stopped working. I've been depressed and can barely find motivation to get out of bed. I didn't leave my house for over a week. The only thing that changed is that right now I have a month off from college. That's it. I don't know if this is a situational thing, but I doubt it is. My pdoc prescribed Zoloft instead, but I'm not quite ready to let go of Lexapro since it worked so well up until a few weeks ago. I asked about switching to 20mg, and she just kind of brushed it off. Does the extra 5mg make a difference, or should I just go with what my pdoc says and switch to Zoloft? Has anyone had any luck going from 15mg to 20mg after the former completely stopped working? I have enough pills to try 20mg of Lexapro until my next pdoc appointment, so I was wondering if I should ignore the Zoloft for now and just try that. Thanks! Xx
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