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  1. Stop being hard on yourself Hun it is fine you can't make people feel worse and they can choose to read or not read this
  2. Michelle please keep the thread it has helped knowing I am not alone and a place where I can write this down. We are depressed or anxious anyway it has helped me get it off my chest, doesn't make the pain go away but has helped x
  3. Bewildered I really relate to what you are saying big time thought I was on my own, I hate myself so much for letting people to do this to me and as I stated above I recently let a friend in got really close had a massive high with our friendship then he dumped me from a massive height for no real reason which started my anxiety off and panic attacks. I should hate him but pray he gets in touch as I thought we were soul mates as friends, I hate not being able not to control these emotions
  4. Reading your post had really made me think about me and like you I give and give and when I need my so called friends or past boyfriends have not given back. Like now I got really close to someone just a little over a month they were my soul mate and then beginning of the week he said he was terminating our friendship because he needed space, why terminate a friendship jus t have space. This broke my heart as I got so attached we got so close made future plans so thus started my anxiety off and I had panic attacks. I have messaged him everyday until yesterday but he has not responded and it hurts so so bad. My barriers have gone back up and I will let no one in again I can't go through this anymore. You have got me thinking.......
  5. I don't want to be like this anymore I hate it.
  6. Bless you Hun thanks just what I need xx
  7. I feel like this I hate myself for having the anxiety and always being negative and sit worrying about every little thing. My own head and thoughts are my own worst enemy, I don't want to feel this way I want to be positive and not feel like this but I don't know his too. It sounds crazy when I read it back. I feel for you I really really do, Michelle is good for advice
  8. Thanks Michelle it's so hard have been on such a high with him then he dropped me to the floor with a bang. I can't get him out of my head, everytime my phone goes I pray it's him. My stomach aches my heart races I can't concentrate it is driving me nuts.
  9. My so called friend who terminated our friendship at the start of this week caused me to have panic attacks, yesterday was okay but today I saw him twice, I just wanted to give him a big hug but he ignored me twice and now my anxiety is driving me crazy and I can't get him out of my head or stop the tears flowing. Feel like I am going mad why can't I be strong and get over it?
  10. Awwww please don't cry, no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes, try to remember it was once just once. Xx
  11. I have never thought of Suicide but I always feel like I would be glad if my life was over. I have two cats they are my babies so keep me going but that is it, I hate feeling this way
  12. I completely relate you to, I am at a low point and when a few friends ask what is going I feel like I am dragging them down so hate talking about it. Am here if you need to chat, may not be able to help much but can listen x
  13. I have just had major rejection from someone I just got really close too a best friend then out of the blue they said they are terminating our friendship for no reason now over the last couple of days I have been having panic attacks and they won't respond to me it hurts so bad...
  14. Thank you for listening and sharing it it appreciated
  15. I have made an attachment to a friend I made a month ago and we got so close and today he told me he was terminating our friendship and the emotional pain I feel right now is destroying me, I don't even want to go to work tomorrow
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